Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sewing retreat!!!!!!

OK - so it was my fault that there was no post yesterday.  The good news is that I'm doing well on catching up. Or so I think!

Taught my class the other night and that was good. Got some great pictures to show you. I need to spend some time editing my pictures! Then back home - the big question was whether to finish quilting the current quilt that night or do it in the morning. I decided to get some sleep. 

Then up early in the morning to get the quilt finished.  And it looks awesome. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I got it trimmed, trimmed the remainder of the 4 play mats that I had quilted the other day and did a bit more panic packing and I was ready to leave for the retreat. My intention was to leave around 7:30, but with everything that I had to do, it was more like 8:30 when I finally got on the road.   By the way - the owner of the quilt is at the retreat - that is why the urgency to get it done so I could bring it with me.  She put the binding on yesterday!

I managed to get my two projects for the magazine done and they were shipped off to the editor.  That was great and I also finished the other project for the designer.  That was the good news and I decided to finish them at home so I didn't have to haul a sewing machine and all the supplies to work. The bad news was that I forgot about a meeting that was scheduled that morning at work - so I missed that!!!!  Oh well - they seemed to handle it quite handily without me.  There is always a big danger is not going to a meeting and that is what will they assign you to do!   Nothing out of the ordinary got assigned to me - phew!!!!

So now here we are at the retreat.  If I could only figure out some way to get paid while being on a retreat - that would be awesome!  I unloaded most of the panic packing from the car - I didn't take a picture, but seriously - I think I filled every one of my everyday totes and shoved it in the car.   Fortunately I'm in the bedroom on the main floor so I just shoved all the bags in the bedroom so they don't clutter up the rest of the space.

Ronda and I set up shop in the dining room.  I did bring my portable sewing table which I love and thought I would sew with that - so I didn't bring the extension table.  I'm missing that, but having the extra room to sew and keeping Ronda company is worth the loss of the extension table.  So she better be good entertainment or I unload my big table from the car!!

I managed to make and sew on all the binding onto the play mats.  All by machine.  I'm still not thrilled with the results, but they are play mats so let's get over that real quick!!!   And I was in a bit of a hurry when I did it - not sure why.  Relax!!!!!!

I started to work on a string quilt, but when you start to make mistakes on a string quilt - (which is very scrappy!), you know it's time to go to bed. But not before I had at least the first two strips down the center of each of the 88 blocks.

I went to bed and about 5 minutes later was fast asleep. Either my sewing buddies are very quiet or I was very tired because I heard NOTHING until I woke up this morning!!!!!!  I have to say that  I once 10 PM hits - I'm pretty useless.

On that note - don't forget to check out Lexi - that dog with an attitude!

Have a great day!!!!


It's a perfect day to be inside - it's pouring rain!!!!!

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