Monday, March 7, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words or is it?

As I mentioned yesterday, I was looking for a particular picture of a quilt. Found the picture, but it threw me for a loop trying to find it.  Where would I even begin to look for that picture?

For the most part, I know where things are or at least, the box/container that it is stored in. Yesterday, my mind was BLANK.  Nothing came to mind as to where the pictures could be or even what to look for. Yikes - that's never happened before. Should I be worried?

I started in the family room where pictures are stored.

Boxes of pictures - NO photos of quilts

Photo albums - NO photos of quilts
 I did manage to find this - gosh remember when we would get pictures printed on paper!!!!   Wow - and then you would get this little index thing of all the pictures on that roll.  I now had confirmation that a picture had been taken of this quilt because it's on this card.  Now to find the picture!

Index card with the quilt picture on it

As an aside - let's not forget the pictures that are on memory cards and USB sticks!!!

Memory cards, USB sticks (a small portion of the ones I own)

 While I was out driving yesterday, a thought occurred to me and when I got home, I verified and YES - I found quilt pictures.  They were tucked deep down in a storage room in the basement. Very hard to reach!

The pictures were shoved way down in a corner, deep in a storage room

I found a box and several binders.  Why was everything tucked away in that corner?  No idea!!!

Quilt related documentation

I looked through everything and NO PICTURE. Then I started to look through the last book - My Quilt Journal.  How many of you bought one of those books???

My quilt journal
 Flipped through the pages and VOILA -  the picture, fabric swatches, and a card from when the quilt was in a quilt show. And it was probably at that quilt show that the quilt got sold!!!

The photo, the fabric swatches and the story!
AHA - the quilt was called "O"


On a related note, an incident happened recently to a friend of mine.  A very serious computer incident which has resulted in a HUGE clean up.

As a result, I vowed that I'm going to get myself organized if it kills me.  I have boxes of financial stuff for shredding, photos and files that need to be compiled, cleaned up and backed up.  I have computers that need updating, physically moved and backed up.

External hard disks

It is a huge huge job, but if I don't do it, or at least get started - it's only going to get worse. And I'm tired of the mess.  Today, I almost caved and called a dumpster!!!!!!   (NOT the quilting stuff - just everything else).  But I can't do that.  So now I have to devise a plan that is going to make this happen. Not sure what or how, but it has to be done.

I did start tonight, by putting a bunch of old bank statements and old medical claims in the box to be shredded. Our little shredder is toast and based on the quantity we have to shred - I'm thinking we're just going to take the boxes to a place where it is shredded. That will save a ton of time.

I know that I have attempted this in the past - but I can't let it go on.  I know that I'm not a hoarder, but this mess is starting to bug me a LOT!!!!  

I'm putting my thinking cap on to see what I can come up with. I'll be sure to share those ideas with you!

Have a great day!


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