Friday, March 4, 2016

48 hours ........

I am the program convenor for one of my local guilds.  I take care of the speakers on the night of our meetings.  Forty-eight hours before our meeting last night, I found out that our speaker had taken ill and would not be able to attend.  Hmmm - not phased - I went to bed that night and slept soundly.

The next day, I thought about what I could do to fill the evening and still keep the members entertained. Our speaker was supposed to be Libs Elliott who is a modern quilter.  I met Libs briefly in Pasadena.

I felt it was important to keep the integrity of that modern feel for the meeting.  And I'm sitting with a pile of quilts that were at QuiltCon just a mere few days before.

I contacted a couple of guild members who I know dabble in modern quilts. They each agreed to do a chat for about 15 minutes (THANK YOU to Peggy and Mary).  I took in all the modern quilts that I had from our booth and VOILA - we had a super awesome (and very entertaining) evening.

Matter of fact, it was so successful that I'm going to try and drum up another topic and engage some of the guild members for another wild evening - but not until the next guild year.  Or god forbid, another speaker has to cancel at the last minute.

We will be getting Libs back (hopefully in the fall).

I don't have any pictures from last night, but it was awesome!  And the more, I tell people about modern quilting, the less intimidating they find it.  So if you want a show and tell on modern quilting and what it is all about - well - I'm an "expert!".

My Little Sammy has developed a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and wants to go out.  Doesn't happen every night, but last night at 3:30, I hear her go downstairs.  If I don't get up and put her out - well I never know what to expect in the morning.   Fortunately, Lexi sleeps in the front room and if we are super quiet, she doesn't even know that we were up!

But of course, I was now wide awake.  I seriously did try to go back to sleep, but my brain was going 90 miles an hour with thoughts of upcoming projects that are due and those that I'm trying to develop and well - I never got back to sleep.  And that's OK - I'm fired up to get some work done today and it's going to happen!!!!   Loads of planning went on in my head - now to action it all before I forget!

And if you are really into QuiltCon (I still haven't finished editing my pictures yet), here is another blog post with some great shots of some of the quilts.

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. It may have been last minute but you, Peggy and Mary to a wonderful job. It was really entertaining and informative. Thanks!

    1. Helen Anne - thanks so much. It was loads of fun and Peggy and Mary really took to it!!!! So glad you enjoyed it! Elaine

  2. Way to go! Guild members are an awesome resource.

    1. Linda

      Yes - guild members are amazing. THey really pulled through that night. Thanks! Elaine