Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is going away really worth the pain?

In case you're wondering, it was NOT Lexi's fault that I didn't post yesterday.  Nope - I edited the pictures, I even uploaded the pictures just before zipping off to the gym and then I completely forgot to write the text. Totally absorbed in the task at hand and that would be my day job that the blog never crossed my mind until I was on my way home. 

As if my mornings weren't silly enough, I now have to walk Lexi very early on the mornings I go to the gym so she can do her business.  Ah - that doggie.  Life was very much simpler BL!  Before Lexi!

Anyway, a very super duper productive weekend. I think I even surpassed my expectations but the marathon isn't over yet. I have two items that need to be finished today as they have to be shipped to a magazine and I have another item that has to be finished today as it has to be shipped to a pattern designer. I made progress on these items over the weekend and last night and this morning.  I will be working from home this morning to try and get them complete - NO - they HAVE to be complete. Otherwise - well - there is no otherwise!

But here's the kicker.  This ALWAYS happens when I'm about to go away. I really don't understand why that happens, but these deadlines and my travel schedule just seem to coinicide.  At least this time, the days away are for a sewing retreat.  And yes I have started to pack - at first, it was neat packing. Matter of fact, I'm taking some stuff that I didn't get finished last year in PEI.  Over the weekend, the franctic packing began.  There's an empty bag and here's a project - shove it in the bag.  Oh there's still more room in the bag - here's another almost complete project!  I think I have enough in those five bags to sew for a month! But it's good to have choices and many of the items I'm taking are not that far from completion!!!  And thankfully we are mere minutes away from a quilt shop should I have forgotten any supplies. 

Let's just say that I will be very happy to get in the car tomorrow morning, except that I have to take work with me - I have two urgent things that have to be done and so my laptop and I will be sitting in a quiet spot to make that happen.  Don't worry - one of them is for YOU - actually both of them are for ALL OF YOU and there are deadlines.  Both are fun - hmmm - I guess I'll have to squirrel myself in the kitchen away from the others so as to not spoil the surprise for them!!!

Here's what I got done on Sunday.  One more customer quilt - DONE!!!!  I think I've mentioned it before - should you put an overall design on an applique quilt???   The answer is it DEPENDS!!!!   But the thought os this used to bother me very much.  Now - I really don't think it matters.  This quilt turned out fabulous. I think the key is to choose a design that is appropriate to the quilt (in this case - it is a leafy pattern) and thread color is crucial.  A bland, taupe which blends in with both the light and dark fabrics. And I have to say that the applique (starch method) was very well done!!!!  

Customer quilt - DONE!

Well I was fired up - I am a tad behind - not much, but want to try and get these customer quilts done. The next one, I'm trying to get finished to take to the retreat with me so the owner can put the binding on. And to boot - I have to teach a class tonight.  It has been rescheduled TWICE because of my schedule and so we HAVE to do it tonight.  AH - nothing like a deadline to light a fire under my butt.

I had to laugh when I opened this quilt up.  I knew that the backing seam had not been pressed.  We talked about it when she dropped it off.  But notice the fabric she used for the backing????   Yes - that is Northcott.  I wonder if she was hoping that since it was Northcott, that I wouldn't charge her for pressing that seam????

The backing

And I'm happy to say that I was able to get more than 50% of the quilt quilted on Sunday. That is in spite of the technology SNAFU that has thrown me into a tizzy.

Customer quilt - more than half done!

I won't go into the details today - I need to get back to the sewing machine.  Let's just say that my elaine9703@rogers.com   is HISTORY.  You will get a bounce back if you use that e-mail.   So don't!!!!   Instead use  crazyquilteronabike@gmail.com.   I need to notify everyone, but that is also a HUGE issue which I'll tell you about tomorrow - if I survive today!!!!  

Thankfully I work for a company that understands sewing deadlines.  GOD - it's because of them that I have these sewing deadlines!!!!    All in a day's work.

And speaking of work - I'm back to the sewing machines!  Yes - I'm using two of them. Why use just one - when you can use TWO!

Have an awesome day!!!!


PS - I keep feeling like I need to check on Lexi as she is in the backyard, but unless a miracle (for her) happens, she isn't going anywhere!   Don't worry - she is safe.  I think she is pretty ticked off and told me that if she doesn't get to blog about it later today, she is going on a hunger strike!

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