Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let's not PANIC!!!!

You know how it is  - when you want something done and there's a deadline, something is going to go wrong. It's just - well it's Murphy's law. And if you want to know more about Murphy's Law - check the link. There really was a Murphy!

Before I get into what happened, let's talk about TODAY!  Today, well this weekend in fact, is the first in a while where something hasn't been urgented needed for the coming week.  How does that feel???  FABULOUS!!!!!   But that doesn't mean that there isn't work to be done. Oh no - I'm way behind, the Task Master is having a fit and well, I'll be working downstairs, but not at a frantic pace.

The visual stuff from The Task Master

After the whirlwind of the last couple of days, there's a bit of tidying up to do.  I made good progress on the tidying early this morning.

Tidying up the cutting table
 And I have to say that my new system is working pretty well.  The sewing table is pretty clear, same for the ironing board although the cutting mat needs a bit of work.  I'm just thrilled that I've finally found a way to get things under control or at least stay somewhat organized.  Yes to many, it may still seem like total chaos, but to me, it's super.  It's meant putting a LOT of stuff on the back burner (technically in the corner), but less distractions. Today it's going to be a simple matter of checking the Task Master to see what needs to be worked on.  No decisions. I love that!!!!

I must locate on of my patterns though.  I'm not sure where it got placed. I know where it was, but it got moved and where did it go?????   That will be part of the fun today - find that pattern.

I did find another license plate that I had purchased. This was was acquired at Road to California.

California license plate

The other thing that was so worth the time was to organize those tubs with the quilt tops to be quilted. I was looking for something today and all I had to do was grab my master list in the book and I sat at the table and browsed the list. Everything is in numbered tubs which coorespond to the list and easy as pie to get exactly the quilt top that I need.

Book of lists of quilt tops to be quilted

Yes, it's a hassle to make lists, but so worth it in the long run.  Of course, there is the thought that if you have to make lists of your stuff, perhaps you have too much stuff!!!!

So let me tell you about yesterday. I had the morning from hell.  No other way to put it. OK  so maybe it wasn't that bad.  But a bit more stressful than I like. I was up early and finished piecing the top. A TON of work in the top and of course, it took longer than expected. But it went together just fine.

Then loaded it on the long arm and merrily quilting away. So far so good.  Wasn't too bad, except that I could hear the clock ticking away in the back of my mind.

THREE rows before the end of the quilt, I went to advance the quilt and NOTHING.  The motor was working, but the quilt wasn't advancing.  NO!!!!!!!   This can't be happening.   Many, many thoughts went through my head. I did have a slight preview of this issue a couple of weeks ago when Katheleen was using the long arm. But we reversed and then went foward and all was good. Who knew this issue was going to rear its ugly head in an emergency situation?   OK - so I'm exaggerating - when ever is getting a quilt done and emergency?

The cogs in my brain kicked in.  What is the problem?  Can I secure the bar somehow without using the motor?  Can I call the help desk at APQS?  HELP!!!!!   I grabbed the phone and called the help desk only to find out the support person was with a customer. Both support people.  OH god - this can't be happening!  Then I stopped!  Think!  The long arm (my non-computerized one) is MECHANICAL.  Yep - just nuts and bolts.  Obviously, the bar is slipping as the motor is turning, but the bar is not!

Motor works, the bar doesn't turn!

I whippped out my handy dandy array of Hex tools AKA allen keys and on the FIRST try grabbed the right size.

Hex Key Set
 I put it in that little hole that you see in the above picture. Turned it about 1/2 turn and VOILA - problem solved!!!!   The darn screw had come loose (after many years) and so nothing to hold the bar in place as the motor turned.  Thank you Dad for the mechnical thought process!!!

And a HUGE thank you to APQS.  I had barely got back on the machine and the support person called me back!!!!   That was FAST service.  I need to send them a thank you note.

Quilting is done but we're not out of the woods yet.  I had cut the binding, but it wasn't made.  Made the binding, trimmed the quilted, changed the thread, put on the walking foot and away I go to put on the binding. Yes - by machine!!!!   It definitely comes in handy.  I went around the quilt to put the first row of stitching on. Perfect. Changed to invisible thread, top and bobbin and I'm merrily sewing away.  Heck, I might actually make it out of the house by 1 PM as I had planned.  Then I heard the thread popping and not happy.  What's going on????  I had about three feet of binding left to stitch.

I don't know what happened. I ended up breaking a needle. I changed the thread position TWICE and I would sew for about 4 inches and the threak broke. I even had to take the needle out to thread it twice. I'm sure that my normally rock bottom blood pressure was WAY UP THERE!!!!   I had twelve inches left to sew and the thread broke yet again. I lost it at that point. Thank god, common sense prevailed because I was tempted to toss the sewing machine. Even though it was my older machine, that would not have been a good thing.

I whipped out the 1/4" roll of fusible web and fused the bloody last twelve inches down.  I quickly changed from my PJs to a pair of jeans and was out the door - 29 minutes after 1 PM.

I'm sure that when I go down to finish stitching that binding and I have another one to do, the machine is going to work just perfect!!!!!

Not to worry, the quilt worked and I'll show you a picture on Tuesday.

But I made a vow to myself as I drove to work.  NO MORE RUSH JOBS.  NONE - don't ask, don't even think!!!!   But that is for me to manage - I know what the deadlines are and I cannot leave them to the last minute.  NO - NO - NO!!!!!!

On that note, I might not get anything accomplished today since I don't have a deadline!!!!  Oh shoot - I forgot about The Task Master. She has deadlines for me and she is NOT happy!!!

But I have a couple of errands to run first.

Have a super super day!!!!


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