Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oh no - it's started again!

In a million years - can you figure out what started again?  Has nothing to do with technology.  Wait for it - there's a picture at the end of this post.

Yesterday was one of my super productive days. I had a lecture/class for one hour in the morning but by the time we got finished chatting and I finished picking up some things at the quilt store - that one hour became three.

No worries, I came home, did some cutting, did some quilting which I will share with you over the coming week. Don't worry - the pictures are already edited and waiting to be posted.

Here's a couple of things that I worked on earlier this week.  The first is my wonky log cabin block for our group exchange with one of the modern quilt guilds that I belong to. Technically the exchange finished back in November and I still haven't posted that - make myself a note to find the pictures and post them.  We didn't get to work on everyone's project and this particular one was missing a block or two, or I volunteered to make one for this person.

Wonky log cabin block

It's a lot of fun to do the improv thing. I literally whacked off a strip of each of those colors and then added it. No measuring, but I did trim before putting on the next round. Just makes it a lot easier!

The lecture/class yesterday was on Modern Quilting and if there is enough interest and there seemed to be from the response of people yesterday that we could start a guild here in Mississauga.  So - if you're interested, let me know. The first order of business would be to find a room.

This next project is one that has been on The Task Master list for a while. You know how you have a project that you're not thrilled to do and it keeps getting pushed back?  Well that was this one.  It's a group quilt and was made from extra blocks for the Charity quilts for the Modern Quilt Guild. Our other quilt is already in Savannah ready for the big reveal in about 10 days (ACK!)  - no more like 12 days!  Anyway, I shouldn't leave these things to the last minute and I did.

It's hard to see in the picture, but that big block is a fish. I realized when we did the show n tell the other night that I think I pieced the darn fish into the background UPSIDE DOWN!!!  Oh god -  DO NOT leave things to the last minute!!!

Fish quilt top
 I knew I couldn't do justice to the top for the quilting so I did pass the quilt along to someone else more competent!

Here is the back. Again, I had so much trouble putting the back together.  Are the fish in the right orientation?  Are they in the right place?  DO NOT leave things to the last minute.  This was not one of my finer moments in design.

The quilt back
 I have flourescent lights in my studio.  They offer a lot of light for cheap. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it seemed dark in one spot. Well I finally realized that one of the bulbs is gone. DUH!!!  Too busy to even pay attention to that.  But that bulb had been in there a LONG LONG time.

You probably can't see well from the picture, but I have the darnest time getting those plastic covers off and usually end up breaking them.  I think this light fixture is the last one with the plastic cover.

Time to change the light bulb
 OK - so did you figure out what has started again????   Yep - that would be Row by Row!!!!!  I was at Ruti's yesterday and saw the plate on the table and how could I say no, especially with a bicycle on it!!!!

Row by Row plate for 2017

Same rules apply as last year.  I'm not trading, I'm not asking people to pick up plates.  Gosh - I still owe plates to people for last year and I owe people money for a couple of plates and kits that got picked up.  I haven't forgotten you - it's all stacked on either side of the computer and YES - I should deal with it. But who has time and it's boring paperwork. OK - must work that into the schedule.

But today, I've already been up for hours.  I've accomplished a lot so far, but there is a ton of piecing and quilting that I would like to get done today.

It's snowing outside, the roads are crappy so it's a perfect day to stay inside.

Have a super day!!!!


And I think Lexi and Murphy have been up to no good!

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