Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One Block Wonder - again!

Last night was one of those nights.  I was on my way home from a sort of productive day. The result of getting up way too early and I was tired. I thought that perhaps I could get home, have a quick nap and get back to work.

I've been puzzling over a pattern that I have to write NOW.  It not only required a bit of math to put it together, but it required a LOT of math to deconstruct the material I was cutting it from. I just couldn't make it work. Then on the way home with my overtired brain, I had a moment and it all fell into place.

Got home, got a piece of paper and I was set.  Cut, sew, press and YES - it worked.  It worked!!!!!   Let's say that I was super excited and I wasn't tired anymore, so I made up the quilt (don't worry - it's tiny) and then I was onto the next thing.

Talk about dyslexia. I'm in the midst of making another project and I realized in the middle of the day yesterday that one part that I had done last week was backward!  Where it was light, I had dark and where it was dark, I had light.  I mean really?????   The reason was not really dyslexia. NOPE - it was SPEED and not paying attention.  Last Friday night, we were going to watch a movie and I said, "wait - I'll get something prepped so I can work while watching the movie!".   That should have been my first sign that something would go wrong.  I quickly cut up some fabric and well, turns out it was wrong. The best part is that I did all the prep work and took photos and everything and never noticed that anything was amiss!!!   How crazy is that!

So I fixed it last night.  Everything is good and it looks way better now.  Since I took care to make it better, I'm much happier with the results.  So speed isn't always a good thing.

I'm watching The Great British Sewing Bee - on Season Three and talk about sewing under pressure.  Those sewers are going crazy with deadlines. I don't think I could handle the pressure. But I'm absolutely loving the show.  Last night I watched as they made the WalkAway dress from the 50s sewing on Featherweights.  I LOVE that dress. I'm sure it would look like crap on me, but I LOVE the dress. Might be fun to try - what do I have to lose.  OH GOD - me in a dress?  STOP the presses - that would be a show stopper, to say the least.

I'm also looking for ONE picture of something that had happened in my studio. I've no idea when it happened, but I'd like to get the photo.  I've searched through my blog posts and NOTHING.  Then I thought, maybe the event happened BEFORE I started to blog on crazyquilteronabike.  Yes, there was a blog life BEFORE this blog.  I think almost 2 1/2 years of blogging are on another site. (elaine9703.livejournal.com)

So I was sifting through those posts, not quite finished and - well let's just say that there were some great memories.  Retreats, cycle trips, things with the dogs and THIS!!!

My one block wonder  - the forever quilt.

If you check out the link above, you can see the beginning of my One Block Wonder that is my January UFO project.  I have an update to share with you on that, but I didn't get all the pictures edited and as I was about 1 KM from my house this morning, I realized that I did not load any pictures.  SO ---  enjoy the birth of my UFO.  Make sure you check out the date of that post.

I WILL get that quilt top done before I leave for Quiltcon. Even if it kills me - I WILL get it done.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. How Time Flies. I made one of those walkaway dresses back in high school. Actually it was in Grade 9, the only year I took Home Ec. I loved that dress and thought I looked pretty snazzy for a 13 year old. Now I wonder what I was thinking. I was way too young and was flat chested.

    1. Hey you were a hot young thing when you were 13. At least we all thought we were!!!! It is such a gorgeous dress, I love the concept, but I'm sure it would look like crap on me! But it's a nice dress to look at!