Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Motivational Monday - practise makes perfect

I see from the Facebook page that many of you are up to date. Got your February project done and moving onto March.  I'm so excited for everyone. I'm excited for myself as well as even though I'm technically NOT quite finished with the January project, because of this group, those projects are up front and I'm getting them done.  I have half the backing to complete for that One Block Wonder and that project will be done and perhaps will get in the line to get machine quilted.  

The good news is that my next trade show isn't for about 6 or 7 weeks so that gives me a bit of time to play catch up. 

Sadly, my February project is still in bits and pieces. Lots of bits and pieces.  But I'm OK with that. This one will become a good ender and leader project and I'll be working on that this month and now I get to choose something for March as well. I haven't given that a lot of thought, but I'll go back to my master list and try to pick a smaller one so that I can get caught up. Although I do have TWO five-day retreats between now and my next trade show. I can get oodles done in that time. 

Here is the state of my February project as we see it this morning!

My February project in a state of unfinishedness

And the box of stuff to go with the February project
As I was getting ready to leave last week, I had a last minute project to get completed and then I was on the plane. As a result, my cutting table was a tad messy and this is what I faced this morning when I went down to the studio.

Messy cutting table
And this is what it looked like when I left this morning. Already for me to come back and get back to work on the next project.

And now it looks like this!

My sewing table was a tad messy as I was again working on a project for the trade show. But this too is all cleaned up.

Now it's cleaned up!

What is the moral of today's post?  Well, as you can see, I'm behind in my monthly tasks, I'm also behind in my weekly tasks.  And when you're away from home, you think - I'm in pretty good shape.  Then on the way home, I remembered that I have a class I'm teaching this weekend and I have blog posts to write which are due next Monday.  Ooops - I guess I know what I'll be working on this week!   BUT that doesn't mean that I'm failing at the Task Master.  Oh no - if I didn't have that Task Master to keep me on track (by having things written down), I would never have gotten that One Block Wonder done. And I certainly wouldn't be working on the Half Log Cabin.

Writing things down, the lists, the tasks are reminders of things that I have made a priority. It's easy to forget things in the flurry of life. And I think that some of you are seeing that as well. The written lists help to prioritize your time and what you will do.  Afterall, you were the one that wrote the list so it must include things that you wanted to work on. And by not rewriting the tasks, we're not wasting time.

I'm very happy so far and I'm hoping to get completely caught up while I'm on one or both of the retreats.  As long as those projects fit in that darn laundry basket!!!  

Here is an article that I came across this morning and this is the absolute truth. If you want to learn how to perfect your machine quilting, you must practice. Remember that saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become a professional. Well, that's the same with machine quilting. Check out the article by Dawn Cavanaugh from APQS. It's a method that I preach to my students and here it is confirmed by Dawn.

Don't forget to post your finished projects on Facebook and if you want to join, check out the Facebook page and ask to be added.

Have a super day!!!


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