Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Candy is an essential food group

It's raining this morning. I knew traffic was going to be a hassle and I wanted to leave early. I'm zipping down the highway and hadn't had breakfast yet so I was getting hungry. Then I remembered that I had a package of licorice in my backpack.  Could I reach it from the driver's seat? Then I realized that I had NOT loaded the backpack into the car this morning. So what did that mean? My laptop was at home!!!!   It took a bit to backtrack, but went home, got the backpack and the laptop and took the toll highway to work to make up for lost time!  GRRRR!!!  

Imagine if it weren't for the licorice, I would NOT have remembered that the backpack didn't get in the car and I would have arrived at work and well - it's hard to work without a computer these days.

Why did I forget the backpack?  It wasn't in its usual spot. I had placed it face down on a box in the hallway so Miss Murphy wouldn't get into it. And since I didn't turn on the lights in the hall, I totally missed it. So I guess I had better eat the remainder of the licorice today so that won't happen tomorrow morning!  Amazing how us quilters can rationalize ANYTHING!!!

Last night instead of working on what I should have been working on, I decided to work on my Fancy Forest quilt. All the pieces for the bunny blocks are cut out and I did assembly line sewing and got eight sets of ears done in about two hours.

Bunny ears
They are ADORABLE!!!!!!

While the next set of pieces are laid out, I have two evening events this week and I still haven't completely prepped my class for Saturday yet and I have those blog posts to get done.  Guess what I'll be doing in my spare time!

As my ender and leader project for the bunny ears, I worked on my Feb UFO for Motivational Monday. Any sane person would have sewn the four blocks together that I've done, made a pillow and called it a day. Not me!!!!   Oh NO! The four blocks were a bit small, so I've ripped them apart in preparation to re-sew them together.   I love a challenge and this quilt is going to be a challenge.

Some of my centers
I've decided to make my generous lap quilt which requires 120 blocks (I know - I didn't say that I was smart!) and I have 67 centers done. Got to do some more cutting tonight.  I'm crazy - no worries.  I did also pick my March UFO which is a little easier. I'll chat about that next Monday.

I'm happy to report that the swelling has finally started to go down on my bug bites. I think I'll forgo a visit to the doctor. Who has time?  Just going to keep an eye on the bites for signs of infection. Last night, I almost caved and had a massive scratch fest, but I slathered on AfterBite and hopefully I'm on the mend!!!  I think I've almost gone through a tube of AfterBite in 5 days.

I do a fair bit of reading to keep up with industry stuff which is exciting since it's a good way for me personally to keep up with stuff. So here are a couple of links that I came across yesterday that I think are interesting. Have a look through them.

Check out these amazing motifs by Handiquilter.  Even if you're not a long arm quilter or you own a different brand of long-arm, you should subscribe to their newsletter as they have great motifs and if you use the techniques yesterday by Dawn from APQS - well you have a winning combination.

And if you have time, check out this survey.  It's pretty interesting. It does take about 20 minutes so be forewarned. I love surveys and I'm always thinking how much fun it would be to see the end results.  This is a very interesting one that covers a lot of different areas of the quilting industry.

And here is another link about preserving quilts.    While the link is for modern quilts, it applies to all quilts.

That should keep you busy for a while.

Have a super day!!!!


PS - don't forget candy is GOOD!

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