Friday, March 17, 2017

Reminisce show and tell - the grande finale

Welcome back to the last day of the show and tell for Reminisce.  I have to say that when I was tidying up near my computer this morning and last night, I found TWO notes to myself for the image numbers of these quilts. OK - so that is ENOUGH of that mess. 

How did you make out yesterday? Did you throw out 15 things?  Did you spend 15 minutes tidying up?  Did you at least identify ONE problem area?  I went home and as mentioned, I did a bit more tidying. I have several piles of paperwork that needs to be addressed. I'm famous for shuffling - I'm not ready to deal with a certain piece of paper today so I shuffle it to the bottom of the pile. And years later, I'm still shuffling some of the same damn paperwork!

It's time to get serious about this mess.  This is where we need to ask ourselves the hard questions - does the paper require action (like paying a bill)?  Then it needs to go into a certain pile or better yet, pay the bill and file the paperwork in the appropriate file or toss it. Does the paperwork need to be saved - like a receipt for warranty purposes?  If so, then create a file for that item and stick the receipt in the folder along with the manuals, etc. What would the consequences be if this paper was never looked at again? If there are NO consequences, then perhaps you don't the paper any longer and thus it's time to get rid of it. But if you need to hang onto it - then create a file folder and file the darn paper away. The amount of time I have spent shuffling the same pieces of paper over and over again is ridiculous. 

And how many TO DO lists do you have?  Time to do something with them.  First - glance over them - is anything still left to be done?  If not, time to toss. Are there important phone numbers? Write the phone number where it should be and toss the paper. If there are still one or two items that you need to keep - then get a notebook and write the items in. Similar to the Task Master. There is NO way you will get 15 phone calls done in a day (unless you're a telemarketer) so schedule three every week or whatever works.  WRITE them in your non-quilting Task Master. Then once a week, look at what you have to do and get it done, then cross it off.  Keeping all those bits of paper - well - time to get rid of them. 

So to embarrass myself, I'm going to go through my first stack of paper with you (I know it will be boring), but I think it might be an eye opener as well and hopefully allow us all to get rid of some of that paper once and for all. Or is it just me who saves paper?  

And hello to all the members of the Oakville Quilter's Guild!  I spoke at the guild last night (about organizing your sewing room) and I'm motivated to get working on this mess (well for me - NOT in the sewing room, but in my dining room!)

There will be more tomorrow on my progress.  WE WILL get through this!  Follow along, but FIRST, you must identify that problem area!

Now it's time to look at the quilts.  What I have to show today are the finished quilts or quilt tops. They are all so very different and absolutely stunning. 

Very spring looking

Look how the values create this strong diagonal through this quilt

Warm scrappy colors (the top)
And the final quilt

The modern colorway

The split quilt (the top)
Which is now quilted!
Here's the back of that quilt

Very elegant - the quilted feathers really add to the look of this one
This one is also quilted - beautiful rusts and blues
This is a very happy quilt - love the bright colors
Very calming blues/greens

And just to remind you what the original quilt looked like - this is the quilt.

Reminisce by Lori Smith  - From My Heart to Your Hands

I do know of one other quilt that was finished and for the life of me, I can't find the picture that was sent to me. That's the problem - you can get pictures on Facebook, they can be sent by Messenger or Text or even in an e-mail (of which I have three different ones) so it's hard to remember where the darn picture is!!

There were 18 in the class and there are 9 quilts above. Add in the other one that I know is done, there are 8 missing.  Some of those may have been shown in the previous posts but they weren't in attendance at the last meeting so I don't have the final version. Hopefully, they are done!  But this is fabulous results. I'm extremely pleased. It's truly a beautiful quilt. So beautiful that I pulled mine out and it's now in one of TWO packed totes for the upcoming retreat. I told my group that I was bringing FOUR totes, but in fact, there will be only THREE.  I'm going to have separation anxiety as I leave my driveway that day, but there is enough work in those three totes to last - well way longer than a five-day retreat!

Here is some other show n tell from the last class.

This was a mystery quilt - very interesting choice for a mystery but I love the modern feel to it!
Modern mystery quilt
And this next one is absolutely stunning.  It came from a magazine and I happened to have the magazine which I promptly pulled out when I got home. It's sitting in my "to do eventually" pile.  I want to say that it's an issue of Fons and Porter from YEARS ago!

Gorgeous combination of brights and black
And last but not least today is this cute button that I saw on one of the staff at The Hobby Horse (where the Reminisce class was taught). We should all have buttons like this!!!

Yep - we all want one!!!

I love love love these year long classes.  We're well into our two classes for 2017, but in a pinch, you could play catch up.  We haven't done so super much in either one.  They are fun and it's amazing to see what the others have done to change up the patterns.  YES - I have pictures of the first show n tell and I'm going to get to that hopefully next week.  I still have some show n tell from my two other year long classes from 2016 that I need to post first.

If you haven't noticed, I'm on a roll.  I want to rid myself of all this excess stuff in my life and while I may not finish with this go around, the important thing is that what I get rid of today will be less to deal with the next time. That means the next round will go faster. And soon I'll be living in a spartanly furnished home with two dog beds, a bed for me and all my fabric!

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Gorgeous, complex quilts, all the Makers should be proud! (And each colourway photographed appear to me to be improvements on the original). As for the button: I call myself a "Professional Fabric Acquisitionist". I think I'll add that to my resume/LinkedIn profile. Thanks for sharing these quilts!