Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's time for show n tell!

Before I get to the show n tell, I have to ask a question. As of January 1, all menus in restaurants have to list the calories in each item. I do try to watch what I eat, but there are times when you just say "who cares!"   Well, I have to say that seeing the calories in a meal has me now making different choices. I mean seriously - when you order a killer brownie at the bakery and it has 800 calories in ONE brownie.  How can one possibly eat that with a clear conscience or how can one even buy it?  

I've even changed what I have at Tim's for breakfast. Yikes!   However despite all that, I tend to ignore the calorie count on candy and chocolate which is my total downfall.  I would be wasting away if I didn't eat chocolate.  To the point that I ate so much sugar on the weekend (I must NEVER buy licorice again!), that my body went into shut down for two days. I was exhausted,. Why?  I was coming off a sugar high! I'll never do that again -it was awful!

OK - so on with the show! I checked back on my blog and oh boy - I don't seem to have posted much from Reminisce either. This was the second class that I taught all year long last year.  I found all the pictures and I'm splitting them up over three days.  If you were in this class and have a finished quilt, you have two days to get me a picture if you didn't bring it to the final class.  

And here's the link to the pattern. It's from Lori Smith (From my Heart to your Hands)

The original quilt

No names - like, I'm going to remember who did what after all this time. Some people wanted to make their quilts larger so some people added coping strips. 

Awesome that they split the colors on this one

Gorgeous coordinated scrappy look

Coping strips really make the designs stand out

A very unusual color combo that pops

Love the green/purple

Very subdued and elegant

Notice how the choice of color in the outer border gives a totally different effect

This one is stunning with the complimentary colors (blue/orange)

A very BRIGHT option

Again - very different effect with the choice of fabrics.  Not scrappy 

Not adding the coping strips makes a big difference

Nice fun scrappy look

Notice the coloring of the center star. The borders are super fun 

Another very unusual coloring

Bits for the next part

Isn't that super interesting?  It's amazing what the different values do when putting a quilt together. I would say that the values play a more important role in this quilt and its final look than the colors. Although the colors are important as well.

It's also interesting to look at the coping strips and how that changed the overall look of the quilt.

Wow - I love these kinds of classes for this very reason.

Stay tuned as Part 2 of this show and tell will be posted tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!


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