Friday, March 3, 2017

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Tonight, I get to stay home!  Last night was guild night.  Oh my - so many exciting things happening at the guild. Everyone was in a super positive mood and well, I didn't stop talking the entire night!  Oh no that's a lie. I did stop talking when Doris Lovadina-Lee was speaking about the Modern Quilt world. And I didn't even get to see everything that I wanted to see. 

I was browsing some e-mails this morning and came across this fabulous recap of QuiltCon East. The only thing missing is a picture of me, but that's OK since it's not my blog and I don't know this person and I'm certainly not famous enough to be stopped for a random photo. I would be lying if I said I would try to put a recap together as well - you know me - it will take months for that to happen. We're just back and already I'm up to my eyeballs organizing the next two shows. I haven't even had time to close off my report from the January show!

Despite all the hoopla last night, someone came up to me and paid me a compliment. I won't mention the person, but they said that "WE are proud of you!"   She didn't elaborate who WE was, but I asked her why. I think because they are happy that I'm doing what I love, I can represent our guild, our Canadian quilters and our passion in the great big quilting world?  I'm not sure, but you know what - it made me feel great.  Notice how the teeniest comments can really boost someone's spirits!   Thank you for the compliment and I hope that I continue to do the quilting world proud!   And if you see someone - say HI, give them a compliment. It could make their day!

The library at our guild was having a book sale and look what I found for twenty cents.  I know I don't need it, but it's a cute little book. Who knows - I may need it one day soon?

Singer Illustrated Dressmaking Guide

Twenty of the guild members just came back from a retreat.  You could tell as the show n tell was HUGE.  There must have been a contest to see who could get the most done. I wonder how much stuff they took and did it all fit in a laundry basket?

Speaking of the laundry basket, I have to admit that I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed since I got back. Not because of what needs to be done, but I don't have things written down. That darn Task Master has created a BAD BAD habit!   I took some time while I munched on Wendy's chicken fingers for dinner to get my notebook out and write down tasks for various things that are upcoming (both work and personal - the two are so connected that it's very hard to separate them!)

I feel much more in control and early this morning, I was able to empty one of the two bags that I've been carrying around forever.  Yeah!  There is a light at the end of that tunnel, except that just when I get close, someone moves the entrance again!  I know I wouldn't be happy any other way.

I think everyone is aware by now of the slab blocks that are being assembled into quilts for the Ronald McDonald houses across Canada.  It's organized by the Canadian Quilters' Association and it's called the Canada's Big Quilt Bee.  Members of our guild have made over THREE HUNDRED blocks.  That's crazy!!!!  I took twelve of the blocks (don't say a word!!!!)  and I'll be finishing a quilt and taking it back for it to be donated.  Come on - it's just twelve blocks to sew together  (and quilt and bind!)    They really, really want finished quilts, not just random blocks, so if someone else wants to get blocks, you should check with Jane at the guild.  Time is running out!!!!

Slab blocks to sew together into a quilt 
Thanks for all the comments, suggestions on labeling rulers. Helen Anne brought in her sample to show me last night!  I have the best friends ever and Ruth had also suggested this method. Someone else suggested clear labels.  Hmm - which will be best?  Got to decide before the next retreat!

Mark the rulers with a Sharpie

So much to say and so little time.  I have loads of blogging material for next week but thought I would share this next story with you today.  I got these pictures last night from a student who took my Dear Jane class a few years ago. She informed me that her and her friend BOTH finished their quilts.  They are done done done!!!!   Hand quilted no less. The only thing they changed was to NOT add the scalloped border.

Judy's Dear Jane

Judy's Dear Jane

It warms my heart to no end to get pictures like this. I didn't do the work, I didn't see all the blood, sweat and tears (remember - it's hand quilted!!!), but I feel so blessed that I was able to inspire one of my students to finish a project that they started.  I'm over the moon thrilled.

I bundled two more quilts off for publication in upcoming magazines and a few more in the works, but I'm waiting on fabric to be printed.  I think I know what I'll be sewing at one of my upcoming sewing retreats!

On that note, I'm out of here. It's going to be a crazy busy day and I still have some prep work to finish for the tuffet class tomorrow.

Have a super, super day!!!!


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