Saturday, March 11, 2017

A reading reflection

This morning I did two things. One I don't normally do and the other, I've been meaning to do for a long time. The first one was to finish a book that I was too tired to finish last night. I normally don't read in the morning. I could get sucked in for the rest of the day. However there were only 50 pages left to go.  A good page turner!

Then I decided that it was time to put more of my hand written "read books" lists into my database listing. There were three years to complete - 2009, 2008 and 2007. I was on a roll and I ended up putting them all in. WOW - what a great feeling that is to have all the lists in one place.

But it was also a trip down memory lane. Gosh - those were books I read TEN YEARS ago.  Seems like forever, yet many of them and especially the covers, I remember.  Some I don't remember reading, some I remember what was happening at the time of reading them - well sort of.

I know - you're asking why?  Well if you remember, I read a lot. Let's give you an example. In my database, there are 413 books. My list start in January 2007 up to today.  That is 530 WEEKS of reading.  Divide 530 by the number of books (413) and you get not quite 1 book a week for the last 10 years!  Not bad considering that I've been working for the last year and a half and quilting takes up tons of time.

With that kind of volume and SCADS of authors to keep track of - it would be impossible for me to remember exactly what I've read. Before I started the computer database, I'd have to scan the handwritten lists to find which was the last book in a particular series. Now with the database (and the fact that everything is now in the database), I can go to the section on a particular author - see what the last book was and I'm good.

Now I'm cross referencing this with the FictFact online database as well.  Is it a duplication?  Maybe, but Fictfact is super for series. I'm not ready to give up my personal database yet.

Come on - you know I'm obsessed. This kind of stuff is exciting to me. I also came across a number of series that I haven't touched in years. So now to update the FictFact database with what I've read and now instead of searching the internet for what comes next, I have a list (once the Fictfact is up to date) that will tell me what is next.  That is super exciting.

I was hoping to get a list of books that I have read on my phone which I'm sure could happen from my database, but it would a simple matter of logging into FictFact if I happen to see something at the library that intrigues me. It just means that until Fictfact is completely up to date, it's not going to help.  But I'm getting there.  Or if I happen to be at a used bookstore/book sale and I need something to read. I'll be able to get the up to date information.  That is super super exciting.

Now to have three different screens open so I don't have to switch from one screen to the other on the computer.  No worries - I have access to three computers at home and two tablets - I think I can make it work.

On that note, I've got the next book lined up and ready to start - tonight!

I have a short class on Modern Quilting this morning and I'm excited to chat to the group.

Have a super day (tomorrow I promise will be about quilting as I have the entire rest of the day for ME!!!!)


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