Monday, March 20, 2017

Motivational Monday - what was lost is now found!

It's MONDAY!!!!!   Only very weird people get excited about Monday, especially those that go to the gym at 6 AM.  One quick second as I digress from quilting but I decided to get myself back to spin class at 6 AM on Monday. I think I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping!  Go figure- but there is nothing like a 25 KM ride on an indoor bike to get your blood pumping and a good start to the day!

So on with the progress report for this week.  I was prepping for a guild talk last week. It was about organizing your studio and I'm going through my mental list of what needs to be added to the pile of stuff for show n tell. 

Magazines, books, tools, oh yes - let's not forget the patterns. Which pattern box should I take for an example√Č  Oh - let's take this one since it's not super full. 

Box is full of patterns with the theme of Sunflowers or Dogs or Bikes 

Have I ever mentioned that I'm obsessed??  Well - I am and that's all there is to it. I happen to LIKE sunflowers and dogs and bikes. This is the only box that has major themes like this. 

Anyway, I pulled the box off the shelf and OH MY GOD!!!!   What's this in the box???   NO WAY!!!!!
What is this?????
The moment I touched the box, a weird feeling came over me and I thought this couldn't be true.  But YES - there was my book of lists that has been missing since September of last year.  The last time I did the talk on organizing, I took this pattern box with me.  I guess in the mad rush of cleaning up, the book of lists got shoved in the front of this box. 

I almost died laughing when I found it!!!!

The missing book of lists!!!
And see how pretty that book is????   Very pretty!!!

Love the quote I put in the front of the book
Here is the sad note about the book and all the more reason to have our Facebook group for Motivational Mondays - I was doing a task list last year, although not in the same way - I kept recopying uncompleted tasks which was a huge waste of time.  Anyway - I stopped at the end of February!!!!   Now that is sad!!!  This year - there is NO STOPPING as we're all holding hands together to make our lists disappear (virtually) for 2017!!!!

What did I do last week?

I had to "repair" my Kaleidoscope quilt.  Here is the old version .................

Old version
And here is the new version

New version
Only the very observant will notice the difference.  Don't worry about it too much - I'll tell you after I show my group this coming weekend.

I did manage to get a quilt quilted over the weekend. Yeah!!!!!   I still have a few customer quilts to get done - but not many and I hope to get them all done by the end of April? Oh yes - I have to as some of them have due dates and I have some of my own that will have due dates very soon and it would be nice to be able to finish a quilt top and whip it over to the long arm and quilt it up right then and there!!!! And not feel guilty because I should be working on someone else's quilt.

Customer quilt - DONE

I've been asked numerous times about how I store my quilts. I don't have a whole lot of finished quilts, but I'm going to find a home for them and will be sharing with you. As I was searching through the quilts this weekend, getting ready for the next guild talk this coming week, I came across one that was done years ago and the sleeve was still pinned to it.  I'm happy to say that the sleeve is now stitched in place!!!

I'm checking labels and sleeves as I put these quilts in storage. Not long term storage - just out of my living room!

I see from the pictures posted on Facebook that everyone is going gangbusters. Finishing their March projects way before March is over and in one case - even before March began!  WOW-- that is what this is all about. Getting things done, organized, tossed out or whatever.  Keep up the good work.

I`m madly packing for an upcoming retreat and I hope that after 10 days of sewing (two 5-day retreats in three weeks) that I`ll be checking a whole lot of stuff off my lists!!!!

Two things to note today.  One - I posted the time for the Modern Guild Meeting as from 8 - 10 AM   - oops that should be 10 - 12.   (I updated the original information)

And if you happen to have downloaded the Maple Leaf Forever pattern from the Northcott website, take note that there was an error in it.  A new REVISED version is on the website.  So sorry for that.

I`ll have to update that list of events tomorrow.  Run out of time again today!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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