Saturday, March 25, 2017

Having a routine is a good thing

Ever notice how "routine" our lives get? I don't consider my life routine, but boy, I sure have my routines. I like to get up at the same time even if I have the day off or it's the weekend. I've done that for years when I worked outside the house and even when I worked from home. 

The route I take to get somewhere. I try one way, then I try another to try and find the best route, but once I find that route, I generally stick to it. I even heard on the radio the other day that you should eat the same thing for breakfast everyday - I could do that. The rationale? You wake up each day with the same amount of will power. So if you have to make decisions about what to eat for breakfast, you have less will power as the day progresses which is why we snack in the evening?  I can't say that I do that either. Again I have my routine - a cup of tea, a couple of cookies (and did you know that TWO Girl guide cookies have more calories than FOUR of my Simple Pleasures!)

I would have to say that routine plays a very big part in my sewing. As I was sewing this morning, I noticed that I didn't read a single word in the pattern - I followed the pictures, saw what they were trying to achieve and went with my routine way of sewing whatever component I was working on. I did try to read one of the sentences in the pattern and - well it didn't make sense.  I'm going to ask the group today if they understood what it meant. 

I have three classes today - all of them short, but even the short classes require prep work. I'm not even going to say that I'll keep up with all three classes (two of them go all year) but let's just say that these are things that will be going in my retreat bag.  Some of them are partially finished blocks. They are partially finished because I needed to show the students a critical step. There will be four partial blocks from one class to take to retreat. But I got all the prep done for that one class. I also got the prep done for the second class and half the prep for the third class.  I'll just have to walk them through it. Thank goodness that I've been prepping for the last week or so as there is a lot of cutting in these projects. 

In addition to prepping for the retreat - hey I have allowed myself three bags (that are the equivalent of one laundry basket - no sense straining my back carrying a huge heavy laundry basket!). Two bags are prepped and ready to go. The third bag sits empty. I've a huge pile of stuff on my work table that needs to be prepped - OK - it's not that huge, but there are things I want to take with me - they won't take long to do (so says I), but would be nice to have all the prep work done before I leave so all I have to do is sew! A couple of those have deadlines so they will be a priority. 

When I was posting the pictures last week for Reminisce, I felt homesick for my version of the quilt. I dug it out and well - it's now in one of the bags prepped for the retreat.  Only the next border is prepped and if that's all I get sewn on - I'm OK with that. And it's all contained in a plastic shoe box that takes room. That's why I need so many bags!  But I dare not take more than three after all the fuss I've made about it. 

Reminisce project box ready for the retreat

The other day, I received the next two patterns in The Canadian Sampler by Sew Sisters.  I need to get my butt in gear and start this project. I didn't want to make the quilt from red solid and I have NO monochromatic reds. NONE - isn't that wild?  
The Canadian Sampler - next two blocks

I had pulled all that I had to use on the Canadian Women quilt. I have to get a few more of those blocks prepped for the retreat. I think there are about 5 that are completely cut, about 5 that have the white cut and a few that have nothing cut.  I had to buy some FQs for the project and so now I can cut again. 

The other day I was at a quilt shop and I bought three reds that I could use in the Canadian Sampler.  I got them home, took a picture and well - they are monochromatic reds, but yikes - they are sure different - two read as red/orange and the other borders on red/pink/fuchia  I guess in the color world - it would be a red with hints of blue. This is just proof that the MORE reds you use, the more they blend together. I may mix up the two batches of reds and well - I'm at a quilt store today - who knows what will come home with me, but those monochromatic reds - they are HARD to find. 

Monochromatic reds

Hmmm - do I take the girls to the park?  It's raining - they don't care, but they going to come home a huge mess.  Oh what the heck - might as well make them happy. Then perhaps Lexi will have something to blog about tomorrow. And the event list will be updated.

Have a super day!!


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