Friday, March 10, 2017

My favourite things

Help!   Well not really, but it seems that one day things are under control and the next day, well they are not!  How does that happen?  

I had a super day yesterday. Why?  I learned not one, but TWO super cool technology things. And I was able to figure them out (with a smidgen of help from someone else in both cases),  mostly on my own.  I'm over the moon on both accounts. And here I was thinking that I was never going to get anywhere with technology.  

It's all about taking the time to properly learn software. But here's the thing.  If you take a class, but have no need for a specific technique at the time, will you remember?  Or if you NEED to do something and then learn - what are the chances of remembering?  Much better!  It's for that reason, I like support people!!!!

But here are a few of my favourite things that came into my life this past week. I did someone a favour and next thing I knew, there were flowers in my mailbox! 

Beautiful orange tulips

Not necessary, but a nice gesture.  Thanks so much Pauline!  They are beautiful as they start to open!

And guess what is around the corner?  Spring!!!   Diane was thinking of me when she was at the gardening center and look what I got.

Orange gardening gloves!
I'll be able to put those to good use if there is anything left of my garden after the winter! And the girls. Those girls are loving ripping around the backyard!

Here's one more favourite thing that I found myself. Not hard to know what this is. I got it at QuiltCon.

Row by Row license plate

Yes - it's a row by row license plate for 2016.    One more to add to the collection.  I'm not even going to go there!

Let's see what I can learn today for technology.  There are just so many exciting things happening, so many things I want to make and well - I just have to pick and choose. I hate to pick and choose, but I'm getting better at it!

Have a great day!


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