Friday, February 10, 2017

New words

I mentioned my daily calendars that I keep on my desk. While I'm able to keep up with the quote of the day (and many of them I'm keeping because they fit perfectly into the Motivational Monday theme - so you will see them), I'm failing at the Word of the Day and the Scrabble - well that one is far behind.

Wouldn't it be great if we could read about a new word and then find a way to remember the word and know when and how to use it? I think that is why I failed at this calendar.  I wanted to learn a new word every day and be able to retain it and use it.  I have come to the realisation that that is NOT going to happen.  It just is not.

Why???  Well, because many of the words I have no use for - EVER. Like for instance - flivver - do you know what that word means???  It's any cheap old car or airplane.  Nope - I doubt I'll ever use that word in my day to day conversations so that word - GONE!  Or how about lapideous?  (spell check doesn't even recognise that word)  Does that mean anything to you???  It means a thing that is stony or rocky.  Nope - not going to remember that one either.

However, one word did come up that relates to us quilters.  It's nimiety.  Know what that is???   Let me use it in a sentence, maybe that will help.  "The nimiety of fabric in her stash was staggering."   Can you hazard a guess????   It means "an excess or overabundance".  Now seriously, would any quilter refer to her stash that way?  Not a true quilter!!!  I might just remember that word.

The other word that came up in a conversation a couple of weeks ago was ligature. What do you think of when you see that word?  I think of some kind of tie to bind something - hey - it's used in books when the bad guy wants to tie somebody up - they use ligatures.   Well, I learned that there are other definitions for this word.   A much younger person than myself who is very much into graphic design said the definition of ligature is what ties two letters together. NO WAY!!!!  But when I looked up the definition - he was right and so was I. Check out this link.  And why will this one stick in my head - it just will.

What was funny was when I opened up my new version of Microsoft Publisher to make my labels (you don't need Publisher to make your labels), but there was a heading across the top - LIGATURE.  OK - that word is definitely in my vocabulary.

On that note, should I spend some time this weekend evaluating the nimiety of my stash? No - there is no such thing as too much fabric!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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