Saturday, February 3, 2018

Foest Road Retea - Part Two

Hopefully, you're following the titles of the blog and reading this part SECOND. For some reason, I got to a certain point in that last post and I couldn't go any further. I saved and restarted but it just wouldn't even let me erase that last sentence. That's very weird.

So as I was saying, I brought out the next big project which was Kaleisdoscope which we had worked on last year as one of the year long projects. I have two blocks to finish - well there is 16 of block number 6 to do and 12 of number 4. The twelve blocks of number 4 are mostly finished, but I had run out of black fabric last time. This time, the black is with me and shouldn't take long to finish. Block 6 is made up of half square triangles that were sewn bu needed to be cut apart and trimmed. That trimming was completed last night and I'm ready o sew this morning.

It would appear that I'm not the only healthy eater while we're here. Some are on various other eating programs so we haven't had bread, I've not seen a cookie or square in sight!  Wow - I love these girls. Their health is important to them and we're all paying attention. Kim is feeding us well - a healthy well and dessert last night was fruit after we enjoyed a nice pork tenerloin! The table was set beautifully - noice I said table - in all the times I've been at retreats, I can count the number of times that I've eaten at the proper table to eat! Sewing is important to us so we usually sew on the eating tables. But here all the sewing is downstairs so no worries about getting the two mixed up!

Even Ronda (the snack queen) is behaving herself and I didn't ask or reach for a single one of her few chocolate covered almonds that she enjoyed last nigh while we had a wee sip of Bailey's before bed.

We ventured out to the quilt store in Midland (Tangled Threads) which is about 15 minutes away. It's a small shop but had some interesting things. I did buy a book and a few bits of fabric and Ronda was able to get a fabric for her table runner that she needed.

It's supposed to be warmer today so hopefully we can walk down to the beach.

Oh - I need to take a picture of the house across the road. It's PURPLE and when we got home from the quilt store, the owner was getting in her car so I went to chat. That was a mistake as she is VERY chatty and it took a bit of time to tear away from her. When I came in, Kim was about ready to come to my rescue!!!

OK - that's it for today. We're a very interesting group and connections - it's a small world!!!

Have a great day!!!


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