Sunday, February 4, 2018

Forest Road Retrea - Day Two - Part Two

Hopefully you read Part One of Day Two before you're reading this.  If not - you're not paying attention to the titles of the blog posts.

There seems to be something about the iPad. I can get so much written in a post and then it becomes temperamental. Not sure why that is. Something to do with memory???  No idea. So I'll just not fuss with it and start a new post.

Now where was I?

Oh yes - I went for a walk yesterday. It was minus 6 or something like that, but it's pretty sheltered in this area with trees, so I walked down to the beach where it's a wee bit more open and therefore was windy. But beautiful. You can see where the ice has heaved up against the shore, but there was open water a ways out. And a small creek (not frozen) that runs though the area where the houses are and down to the lake. I took a wee walk along the beach in the frozen sand but didn't even dare venture on the ice - who knows how thick it is. Let's be mature about this!  You can see Blue Mountain ski hill across the lake or is it a bay? There's a small variety store that's open all year round and an arcade that is closed for the season. Apparently it has rides for kids in there. We'll be back in April when hopefully the weather will be a bit wamer, but I won't be venturing into the lake!  The beach is like a 10-minute walk from the house. Not far at all.

We're an interesting group of ladies. Kim invited a few people that she knew and who had retreat experience to help tweak any little things in the house. It's interesting because Kim used to teach in the Toronto area, as did Wendy and as does Jeannie and as do I. And many of them had worked or taught in all the stores in the Toronto area. So we had a lot of good laughs and memories of all those classes.

The three ladies from Ottawa are packed and ready to go - I can see all their bags by the door. So it will be a wee bit quieter when we sew this morning. It was such fun to meet everyone and I can't wait to come back here. Got a week booked in April!!!  There might be a spot or two open if anyone has never been to a retreat and would like to experience it.

On that note, it's time to get busy with something.

Have a super day!!!


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