Monday, February 12, 2018

It's MONDAY!!!

It's my favorite day of the week - Monday! And I love it even better now that I'm not working!

If you've been following me for a bit, you might have noticed that I did NOT report what I accomplished at last Monday's sewing day. Let's just say that I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. It started out with the very first block I touched - one wrong cut and I couldn't finish the block. And the day went downhill from there!

Actually, it's not that bad, but it was pretty funny! I also didn't have time when I got home last week to unpack the Monday bag and fix things and get prepped for this week. It was a bit of a crazy week but this week is going to be much better.

The applique quilt needs a bit more work on the binding and a sleeve and it's done! I'm very happy with the end result. I love it and can't wait to hang it up!

I did get some work done with my imaginary friends yesterday. Remember - it was supposed to be a Sit n Sew day with a full house but it was postponed because of the icky weather.

I got another customer quilt done.

Customer quilt - DONE
 It's trimmed and I've got the next one already loaded for later today.

Last Monday, I did work on this block from the Quilter's Patch quilt. The quilt that I did the final reveal yesterday except that mine isn't quite done yet. I did all the piecing for this block last Monday and I did the hexagons over the course of this past week. I'm not super experienced with English Paper Piecing and I learned a few things!

One more block for Quilter's Patch quilt
 Life is full of learning experiences - ALWAYS!

Since the sewing machine was set up for applique, I machine appliqued the edges of the flowers down last night. DONE!

Here are my blocks that I've completed so far. While there are 12 on the wall, technically only 11 are done as the dogs need to be redone.

My blocks for Quilter's Patch. 

I had started one more block last week, but it had a TON of pieces and I kept putting some of the components in the wrong way and well, I got three of eight rows completed. I hope to finish that block today.

Here's my block from the National Quilters' Circle Block Challenge.

National Quilter's Circle Block Challenge
 I believe there are five or perhaps 6 blocks that have been released (out of nine). I did work on one other one last week, but again - made some cutting errors when I was prepping and so I couldn't complete the block. Let's read those instructions please - cut ONCE, NOT TWICE on the diagonal - it makes a huge difference!!!

I now have two blocks completed. One partially done which I'll prep for next week sewing and there are two patterns sitting there that I didn't have time to cut.

Two blocks completed for the National Quilter's Circle Block Challenge
 The very first block I messed up on was the 150 Canadian Women. Nothing to do with the pattern - this time, I cut left when I should have cut right. I didn't have time to do any prep on that, so I'm taking some fabric with me and hope to get some blocks prepped this week. Next week, I'm going to have double of everything to catch up on!!!  I don't think I'll sit beside Lynn today - apparently, she's a bad influence with the ripping!

So yesterday, while my imaginary friends were sewing, I got the middle section of this flannel quilt done. Five rows on the top left still have to be sewn together but the rest is in one piece. I'll try to get that completed before this Thursday's Sit n Sew so it's off the wall.

Scrap flannel quilt

I did get a lot done this past week and I'm super happy about that. Two BIG projects will be off the list - one already is (except I have to write the pattern) and the second one (the applique one) needs about one more hour of work. Make that two - I have to sew the sleeve on.

How is everyone doing with their Motivational Monday plans?  Here's a couple of observations that I've made about myself since I made a conscious effort to change how I work.

One - I'm SUPER focused. Now that doesn't mean that I work on only one project at a time because I would be BORED to tears if I did that. But I'm focused on the couple that I'm doing. And yes, I have a few diversions here and there, but that's OK.

Two - I'm not starting anything that I don't intend to finish. That's HUGE. So while I'm working on my UFOs, there are NO NEW ones accummulating. That means that when I finish something, the number of outstanding UFOs actually decreases!

Three - I'm finishing projects! That's exciting and I MUST remember to write them down as I'm not good with that and I can't remember from one week to the other what I worked on. Thank goodness for The Task Master.

Four - I had to give The Task Master a break as I keep adding new things to do and I don't have time so now that these two big projects are almost done, it's time to see how much is in the book that is not done and maybe add a couple of things.

All in all - my style of working has changed a LOT. How I keep things tidy so I can actually work better in my space and how I'm more focused. I'm really liking the new me!!!!

On that note, it's time to get the day started.

Have a super day.


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