Saturday, February 10, 2018

I need to stay in more often!

Let me start by saying that yesterday was a hugely productive day! If you think quilting on the long arm is a breeze - it isn't. It's hard work (my back was pretty tired at the end of the day) - it was a long day, but I finished quilting that entire quilt. I got it off the long arm about 9 PM last night - a total of 12 hours, but I had a series of errands to do, had lunch, went out to dinner so it wasn't 12 straight hours. I have to say that I'm very happy with the custom quilting. Remember - this is my casual quilting style, but boy oh boy - the more I do of my own quilts, the more I'm liking this process.

Oh did I mention the size of the quilt? It's 75" square. Yep - not a wee one. Anyway, I trimmed that quilt as well as the customer quilt from the other day and made the binding for my quilt this morning. I also managed to get the binding sewn to the back of the quilt and later today, I'll be sewing the binding to the front, just in time for it to get picked up later today. I know - that's cutting it a bit close! All in a day's work for me!

The applique one will be waiting for me later this afternoon, as well as another customer quilt.

I had a bunch of errands to do and I thought I had better get them done before it got too snowy outside. I gathered everything I needed and hopped in the car. Boy oh boy! What a crazy day and then I realized that I have a lot of pet peeves about other people's behavior.

The day had started with some guy walking his dog in the forest behind my house. The dog was off leash and of course when the girls saw the dog, they started to bark like rabid loony dogs and the dog came over to the fence and the girls just about went crazy. I'm out there yelling at the guy to get his dog on the leash or I'm reporting him. And I yelled a bad word at my girls so the neighbors properly think I'm a loonie!

Let's see - I went to drop a book at the library. There's a drop box at one of the entrances to the library. You're allowed to stop your car and drop your book in the box. That takes all of a few seconds and you're right there so technically you're not parking your car. But what about the idiots who park there with their flashing lights on (what the heck does that do?) and they're in the library. Seriously???  This is NOT a parking spot.

Where's the driver?
 The problem is that the parking lot is on the other side of the building and god forbid that you park your car and have to walk a few extra steps to get to the library. It drives me NUTS when people do that and I so want to have a tow truck and tow them.

Then I went to Tim's to get a tea. At our Tim's, there are TWO lanes and you're supposed to drive in ONE of them. The idea was to keep the cars off the street by expanding the line. You need to pay attention so that you know your place in the line - is it my turn or the guy on the right or the left?

But people can't grasp this concept and so many times I go there and there's ONE line right down the middle of the two lanes. Seriously????

What's with the one line?
 I pulled up beside the last car (not in front, and not parallel, but slightly behind) to show that I respected his spot in the line. I did that because otherwise, I would have been on the street. And his response? He cut me off as soon as he could. For god's sake - it's a line at Tim's.

Cut off by an idiot - there're supposed to be two lines here
 Then you get to the order thing (what is that thing called?) and look at the pigs! I'm shocked that people just toss their cups. Do they do this at home? It's disgusting.

 Not only that, but I had to wait a fair amount of time at Tim's for my tea. Hmm - might be a good thing that I'm just having the decaffeinated tea that I can easily replicate at home. I couldn't get the same taste as the burnt steeped tea! A waste of time to be "held hostage" in the line at the drive-thru at Tim's line. Oh, my - I'm getting to be such a goodie two shoes!

I do know why steeped tea is more popular than regular tea. If you get steeped tea, there's no bag in so as you drive away - no worries. But if you have a tea bag in there - how do you get rid of it when you're driving?  I won't be having tea at Tim's much in the future. But it's Roll up the Rim - hey, I'm weak!

I was also at the grocery store where I ended up buying TWO 18 L jugs of water. No big deal - I do it all the time. But when I got home, I realized that I had purchased distilled water!  Oh well! I read that it's OK to drink, but no minerals in it. Well, I can live without minerals for two weeks. It's supposed to have a bitter taste, but I didn't notice the difference.

While I was there, I noticed a woman at the next checkout who was chatting up a storm on her phone the entire time she was at the cash. How RUDE!!!!   Not even a hello to the cashier! What is this world coming to?

And then I get home to find that my neighbors (two of them) have pushed the snow from their driveway INTO THE FRICKING STREET.

Snow in the street

Now, why do I care? Well, when the plow comes by, he comes around the corner, from their houses to mine and can you guess where that snow ends up? Yep - in MY driveway. Normally the city comes by with a backhoe that has a bucket on the front. They have been very good about scooping up the excess snow from the crescent (we all live right on the curve of the crescent). The last round of plowing, I believe they only came with a truck and a blade so they had no way of dealing with the excess and so what was in front of the neighbors' ended up in my driveway.  What you need to use is a SHOVEL, not a HUGE snow scoop that you can't lift. I shovelled all the snow from my driveway to the sides of my property. People DO NOT THINK of the repercussions of their actions - they only do! If that plow came from the opposite direction and I left my snow, I'm sure I'd hear about it!

Again - people don't get it. If you can't lift the snow - hire someone!!

To top it off, I paid for something online - a week ago. I (and a bunch of other people). Once we paid, we were supposed to get an e-mail with a link to the .pdf. I've been in communication with the owner of the documents all this past week. Ah yes - it will be fixed - that was what I heard yesterday. This morning - NOTHING. So I threatened that we would copy the documents from the one or two people that received the .pdf and cancel our order. Can you tell I'm ticked off?

I think I should have just stayed home with a drink!

Hopefully, today will go a little smoother, but all that negative energy was turned into good while I quilted. I must say that I do some of my best thinking when I quilt. Which brings me to the topic of a book (non-fiction) that I'm currently reading and hope to share with you tomorrow.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Take a deep breath and calm down. There is no point in getting this upset over things you have no control over. If you want to rant, phone animal control and see what they say about off leash dogs. Then phone the Timmy's and complain that they need a garbage can out there and need to have a staff member clean up the mess. Maybe the slobs will feel bad when they see some kid having to clean up the mess & will start using the garbage can. Then phone the library and get them to complain to the city about inforcing parking by-laws. This way you will have maybe accomplished something. Good luck with all this. Now can we get back to quilting?

  2. You made me think of the book that I use to read to my grade 2 class "Alexander and the
    Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day`` by Judith Viorst.