Tuesday, February 6, 2018

More updates from the Forest Road retreat

What can I say - the three days that we were at the retreat were VERY productive. Here's the rest of the stuff that I worked on.

I had this in my retreat bag, but it was one of the projects that I didn't get to. This is a bag of Northcott Oh Canada  (and Sesquicentennial) fabric scraps. My intention is to make another one of those slab block quilts that everyone made for the Ronald McDonald houses last year. It's a good mindless project to work on at a retreat. It's back in the bag for next time.

Bag of Oh Canada scraps
 Here are the giant half square triangles that I sewed together. I couldn't trim them as I didn't have a square ruler large enough. So those are on the cutting table. This can't wait for the next retreat, so hope to work on that this week. Fabrics are from Northcott Barbershop.

Large half square triangles - sewn, but not trimmed
 This is the book that we're using for our table runner class at The Hobby Horse. It's an awesome book and there are loads of table runners in there that I want to make. I actually sat down last night and planned the rest of the year. Oh boy - what to choose? For many months, I choose multiple ones so people can choose which one they would like to make. While we're making table runners, the focus of the class is on how to quilt them.

The Big Book of Table Toppers
 Ronda was working on her table runner for the class. At the local quilt shop, Tangled Threads, she managed to find the blue/purple to make her runner pop. It's gorgeous in real life.
Ronda's table runner
I decided the retreat was a great place to work on a couple of other runners. Here's one that I cut from some batik samples that I had kicking around. By the way - if you're in the table runner class, this is one of the alternate ones that I chose for January.
Another awesome table runner - love the colors in this one
 While it was super easy to cut and sew, it was a tad tricky to get everything in the correct place. But it all worked out.  I even cut one for Ronda and we worked on them at the same time.

Ronda and my table runners
I guess it's not hard to pick out whose is whose!!!

Like I said, there are so many nice runners in the book, I cut one more. I didn't have quite the right bits with me. Too many pieces of one color and missing two of another. When I got home, I cut the two missing bits.

Two missing bits to finish the table runner

Here is the finished top of the table runner. I just had to finish off that pieced border and add the outer one. Didn't take long. Fabrics are from Northcott Shimmer. Also an alternate for Janury for the table runner class.

Another table runner top - DONE
While I'm on a roll and because it would be great to get this quilted before the class next week, I have the backing and the binding completed as well.

Binding and backing are ready to complete the table runner
 What to work on next?  I had this small wall hanging that I wanted to get finished. It was mostly done, but the angle pieces on the border were not quite finished. It was so close! And I was supposed to add rick rack between the brown border and the block. I did, but it's very pale pink so you can't really see it.
Mini wall hanging - top is DONE
 The bottom line - the top is now complete. Could be done differently - I could have used a bigger rick rack and brighter pink - I didn't have with me and none in my stash - I used what I had. DONE!!  I could have used a darker fabric in the corners - didn't have any with me - used what I had. It matches - I'm happy. Bottom line - it's done!

And the binding and backing are ready to go as well.

Binding and backing are ready for quilting
 I also worked on this ender and leader project.  I'm not sure how many I got done as they just added to the rest that was already completed. That's by one of the sewing machines at home now, ready for the next sewing session.

Enders and leaders project
 Last night, I laid out the next block for the pixelated apple quilt.

Block four of the pixelated apple quilt  - ready to sew
I decided that I didn't have enough variety in the reds for the next block so I spent some time cutting some more squares so when I'm ready to lay out Block 5, I'll be ready to go.

Cutting red squares for the pixelated apple quilt
 And all the bits are shoved (nicely) into this bag. It's sitting in the retreat bag so it won't go missing.

Bits of the pixelated apple quilt
 I told you - I worked like crazy, yet I took time to eat and visit with the others!!

I worked on my Kaleidoscope quilt. I worked hard on this thing because I really really want to get it done!  The four pieced borders are now together and ready to add to the quilt. These were mostly done, but again  - I was missing about 8 black squares!

Four borders - DONE
 Here are the corners of the quilt. There are four of them. See those setting triangles (with the thin red edge along the long side?). That was the one that I screwed up. I thought I took a picture, but I couldn't find it. Probably just as well.

Corner of Kaleidoscope - DONE
 Actually - all four corners are DONE!!!

Four corners - DONE
 Not sure if you could see above, but YES - I twirled all those darn seams on the back. That took a wee bit longer, but so worth it!!!

Twirled seams
 Here is the center of the quilt - that was together from before.

Center of Kaleidoscope
 So that is absolutely ready to assemble the bits. I think a couple of hours and it could be done. Then to cut and add the final outer border and make the binding and find something for the backing!!!

But that's not all. I started off the weekend with this project. A tote bag. The sides were done, the pockets were on, the handles were made but needed stitching. Anyway - it didn't take long and it was completed - even with the plasticore for the bottom!!!

Tote bag - DONE
 And this one was partially together as well, but it's totally complete and I gave it to Ronda!

Second tote bag is DONE
 This second tote bag is a free download on the Northcott website if you want to download it.

A quick note about food. Now I know why we need sugar in our food. Because it tastes awful without it. Like the burnt steeped tea at Tim's. Honestly - try a regular tea (with the bag in) and not steeped. No need to add sugar. And oatmeal - if you eat the oatmeal on the left - you NEED sugar because it tastes - well, I don't want to write a bad work here. But try the oatmeal on the right - both cooked in the microwave. The steel cut has a much better taste and with a few berries thrown in, it's much better than the one on the left. Going to my last appointment today.

Bad tasting oats on the left - good ones on the right

I don't think I lost any weight or body fat this week and I think that dairy or eggs are not all that good for me. While I'm not bloated, I don't feel as super slim as I did last week! And I have hardly eaten any eggs or yogurt. I'm going to play around with that a bit more in the next couple of weeks.

On that note, I've got a load of paperwork and quilting to do today, so I had better get started.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Elaine have you tried adding a dash of cinnamon to your oatmeal? That's what I do and find along with frozen cherries or blueberries there's no need for sugar or milk.

    1. Karon -- great idea - I'll try that. Thanks.