Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I've been naughty!

NO -- I did not eat any sugar! It was a book that got me into trouble. I have a number of novels on my bookshelf and when I'm not reading something from the library, I'm reading one of those. When I finish with my books, I put them in the giveaway pile. The problem is that some of them are part of a series and I like to read the series in order. That sometimes requires a bit of research as which book belongs to a series or not.

I pulled a book the other day from an author that I'm not familiar with. The book was written in 2005.  The book is called Suspect by Michael Robotham - no idea where I acquired it from. OH MY GOD - I couldn't put the darn book down and instead of working in the afternoon, I read and finished the book. It's the first one in a series and well, I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. There are now 67 authors/series on my FictFact web page. How did that happen? Even if I read one a week, I can't read them all in one year! Thank god, I don't have a thing for buying novels.

The other naughty thing I did yesterday was I went to a movie. Now that in itself isn't naughty, but I have three projects that have to be done this week. The movie was The Post and it was OK. It was a talking movie and I'm not good with them - I tend to not follow along, but the second half was pretty good - more action! 

I did get some work done on a quilt and I want to show you something. The quilt is about half done and I hope to finish today. But have a look at the batting. This is a batting that came in a bag. You know - squished up in a bag. And remember that I was complaining about that before? Well, have a look.

Batting from a bag
 It's smooth, it feeds evenly under the quilt. It was a dream to work with. And what did the customer do? She opened that bag, fluffed out the batting and threw it in the dryer for a few minutes. Then folded it and put it in a large bag so it wouldn't compress again and it was perfect!!!!   Thanks to the customer for doing that. We'll both be happier with the result. So if you're going to bring me a quilt batting that's in a bag - PLEASE PLEASE open it up and fluff it in the dryer.

Here's what it looks like when you don't do that. It just doesn't feed nicely and takes time to smooth out.

Batting in a bag when you don't fluff it

Remember I was telling you about my fiasco with the Kaleidoscope blocks on the weekend? Well have a look and you'll see what I mean. Ronda finally sent me the picture last night. Of the bad one. It was only when I was pressing the red pieces that I wondered why there was color against color and not color against black. OH NO!!!

Incorrectly pieced
And this is the way they should be! All is good now - HUGE HUGE thanks to Ronda for ripping out the 16 blocks that I had messed up.

The right way to piece the triangles
 It's Wednesday morning and that means I had to get my butt in gear and get to Joseph's spin class. Oh god - he is brutal. But he has such a sweet demeanor that you want to do your very best. My legs were burning but once it was over, you feel like a million bucks. It's all worth it. Last night when I finished my book, I thought I would reserve my bike for this morning to see how that worked. I checked out the app on my phone, went to the class, saw the list of bikes (they are numbered), and reserved the one that I normally use.  And sure enough, when I got home, there was an e-mail with the stats. Unfortunately, the numbers are in MILES, NOT KM, but 18.45 MI works out to 31 KM - well that's what it said on the bike when I stopped.

Yeah - stats from my spin class
I think this is absolutely amazing that you can have the bike e-mail you the results when you're done. How wild!!! 

And this is the second chart with the power watts. Notice those little blips?  Those were the times we were allowed to have a break!  One flipping minute each!!  It was a tough work out as usual.

More stats
 I did get a good chuckle because when we were done the hard part and entering the cooldown, but I still had to reach my 30KM so I was still pedaling. There are three guys that sit near me and when we were allowed to gear down at the end, the one guy (the older one) says - 29.4 KM  HA HA - I beat you - he says to his companions. Well, buddy - I did 27.6 KM in the same amount of time!!!  Not that far behind you! I did not say that though!

But then another bad thing happened. As I was walking into the gym, I saw this girl with a coffee in her hand. This chick is already pretty hyper in the morning and why she would need a coffee, I don't know. However, in her hand was a cup from Tim's and it's ROLL UP THE RIM. Started today!!!

On my way home, I stopped for a decaf teaButUt I'm not going to go crazy!  Still liking my decaf tea as well.

Roll up the Rim

Oh yes - met up with the Registered Dietician from the DTOX. Yep - I put two pounds back on - I knew that - I could feel it. Could have been all the food (healthy) that we ate this past weekend. I think it's something else. Anyway, I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and my tea. So I joined the 60 day challenge at the gym and go for my weigh-in on the weekend. Hoepfully that will get my butt into the gym on a more regular basis.

 On that note, it's time to get to work. I think I'll bypass the paperwork today as I have a meeting later this afternoon and off to speak at a guild if the snow doesn't become an issue.

Have a super day!!!


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