Thursday, February 8, 2018

More tablerunners

I must learn to plan better. No - I have to realized that EVERYTHING takes longer than you think it will. Usually twice as long! I was hoping to get that customer quilt off the machine, but that didn't happen, because I'm trying to get an applique quilt done. Remember that green piece of fabric that I quilted a while back?

Green quilted background

There's a cute applique that goes on top of this. After I did a couple of rows of quilting on the customer quilt, I plunged into the applique. Not that it's difficult, but there's a "few" pieces and fiddly pieces and several colors and lots of layers and well - I made super progress, but didn't get it completed.

At one point, I had two sewing machines going. One for applique and one for piecing. Now that was handy. I'm happy to say that all the pieces are prepped - a good part of them are stitched. There's one more piece to be stitched and then all the components can be appliqued to the background. I HOPE to get it done today and finish the customer quilt because I have one more quilt that has to be quilted by Saturday and YES - it's custom. Why do I do this to myself?

I don't slack off too much - OK - I slack off a lot - it's all that reading! But after these projects are done, there are only three quilts in the queue for magazines. There are customer quilts to quilt as well, but I'll be in good shape - Oh yes - forgot there are four patterns that need to be written! Back to that paperwork - NEXT week.

I was the guest speaker at the Hamilton Guild last night. The weather was a bit dicey in the morning as we had snow, but the snow stopped and the roads were fine. Matter of fact, I left early in anticipation of bad roads and traffic. There was absolutely NOTHING and I sailed there as if it were a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully the meeting place was close to one of those big box shopping places and I managed to get a couple of errands done that I would have had to do today. God forbid that we run out of dog food for Murphy!  Thanks to the Hamilton guild for inviting me - I had a lot of fun as I presented my scrap quilt lecture.

There were goodies in the kitchen. You know - sweets, squares and all that. I had a piece (well several pieces of fruit) and touched NOTHING ELSE. You know - I didn't even crave it. That's amazing. Mind you, I've never been a big person on the goodies at any guild meeting.

You know that we're working on table runners at the ongoing class at The Hobby Horse.  Here's the table runner that was assigned this past month. My version of it.  The table runner is quite long in the pattern - six 12" block so that makes 72 inches in length. I didn't really want a 72" long table runner. So I made two shorter runners as I had all the pieces cut out.

Two table runners
This table runner is from the book called The Big Book of Table Toppers by Martingale.

The Big Book of Table Toppers
It's a very good book and LOADS of different table runners/toppers.

I dug out backing and binding for the two runners the other day and hope to get them quilted soon. It's not good to start things and not finish them!

I have one piece of paperwork that I want to tidy up this morning and then it's back to the studio!

Have a super day!!!


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