Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Absolute deadlines

Are you like me and wait until the ABSOLUTE last deadline to get things done? It drives me crazy when I hear that some new thing will be phased in over a long period of time. I think it was the city of Toronto who is in the process of phasing in the new amount of garbage that is going to be allowed each pickup day. Instead of saying - next week, you are only allowed 1 bag per week, they gave a deadline of THREE YEARS. People aren't going to change unless they have no other choice.

Case in point - in Ontario, we have a red and white health card. I've had mine since I moved to this province 30 years ago. The new ones with photo ID came along at some point in the early 90s or maybe it was mid-90s. Yes - I did get a letter at one time to change it over and the few times I've needed it in the last couple of years, I've been told that I should be changing it. But I haven't.

Well, I got the FINAL NOTICE in the mail yesterday. If I don't have the new card by July 1st, I'll have to pay to visit the doctor. OK - it's now time to make the change. I have set an appointment for next week. Not an appointment with them, but in my calendar and I get the privilege of taking my mother-in-law with me since she still has the old card as well.

I think I had mentioned that when I went for my mammogram a couple of weeks ago that the lady freaked out when she realized that I still had the old card. Not my fault! Give me a deadline (an absolute one) and I'll react, but not before. Why change when I don't have to?

Yesterday was a great day! I put my audiobook on and was as productive as ever. I have to finish Radium Girls soon as it's almost due. This is the first time that I've actually swore out loud when reading a book. The way the girls were treated and the way the companies that used radium were allowed to manipulate the law is so disgusting.

While many changes in the workplace have been changed because of what happened to these girls and the way they were treated, nothing has really changed. Big business is still big business and they care only for the all-mighty dollar and not for your health or welfare. Matter of fact that goes for governments as well. The little guy got screwed then and we're still getting the same treatment now.

I got the third quilt (for February) for Quilts of Valour that we're donating from our Community Projects day quilted. This needs to be trimmed and three of them need to be bound by Friday (or perhaps Saturday) so they can be delivered. I'm trying to get four done each month. Three that we donate from our stash of quilts that we make on our Community Projects day and one that I quilt that the local chapter provides. 

Quilts of Valour quilt - DONE

I've already dug out three more (that was easy) and I'll be sending pictures and sizes to the local group and see if they want them. If yes, then those quilts get on the list to be quilted next month. Oh yes - I love when I have a system.

Then I sat at the sewing machine and look what happened.

The four borders for my UFO

Yep - one of the borders is completely sewn together and the blocks for the other three are complete. HEY - when I have an absolute deadline, I'm on it! It was fiddly to get enough pieces for the last few blocks, but it doesn't matter - they are DONE.

Now to check about the yellow fabric that I'm going to use for the border so I could potentially get that sewn on and assemble these blocks into rows. Make the binding and find some backing. We have another Sit n Sew day tomorrow so I'll try to get it done by the end of the week. We'll see what happens. I'm just happy that I'm making progress.

And even better - while I was going to work in the office (tidy up), that didn't happen, but I did make a huge dent in three paperwork projects that I need to get done. That was definitely worth skipping the tidy up. It'll happen - just not now!

Last night, I taught a class on free motion quilting. There were five in the class and three of the students were under forty-five and excited about learning to quilt. That's so exciting to see that, but here's the thing - they don't have any quilting friends. So how do we get these young quilters hooked up with each other so they don't have to rely on Instagram for quilting friends? We need to host a meet and greet or an open house or something. Or I invite them to my Sit n Sew days.

We have to figure something out so that they learn and keep at it!

On that note, I'm switching my morning around so I can go to spin class and still have the blog up so you can all enjoy it with your morning coffee.

Have a super day and stay safe if you're going to get that silly snowstorm they are predicting for today.


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