Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The big squeeze

I got a letter in the mail on Monday indicating that it was time for my biannual mammogram. UGH. No one likes to go for that appointment. But if I didn't book it, I know that you all would be concerned. I called the clinic yesterday morning and I got an appointment for 3 PM. Well, I wanted to get it over with, but that fast? Yikes! The clinic is not that far away - OK - it's 3 KM away, but that's not far at all. And I needed some extra steps since I hadn't made it to the gym.

I walked without the girls and they were NOT happy. But it was a glorious day and I didn't even need a hat. I saw several interesting things along the way which I'll share in a minute. I arrived at the clinic with 10 minutes to spare. I thought they were going to give me grief about my health card since I still haven't gotten the new one and it's been 20 years or more since they brought in the new photo cards. OK - so perhaps I need to get that taken care of. They did give me grief on the phone which is why I thought they would do so when I arrived.

I waited for one person ahead of me in the line and then it was my turn. No issues with the card. But instead of being asked to have a seat and wait, I was ushered in right away. Barely had time to take my shirt off when I was called into the room. The attendant was efficient - not a chatty lady like I've had in the past. And HOLY - I swear she held that machine in place way longer than anyone else has done. I didn't get the same pulling on my neck skin so I hope that she got good pictures.

Anyway, the four pictures were taken, I was dressed and out the door at 3 PM. Talk about efficiency!

I had to stop for pictures on the way home of the things I saw on the way there. For anyone who has lived in this area and been here for a while, this first one is going to throw you into fits of laughter.

Mini-golf at Erin Mills Town Center

Why is that funny? Because when I first moved here, many, many years ago, there was a mini-golf course in the mall. There was a central clock tower in the mall and the mini-golf went around that clock tower. It was the coolest thing. At some point, the mini-golf disappeared and the area was replaced with shops. Then the clock tower disappeared and was replaced by that giant glass ball and a large open space for community activities.

Just goes to show that goes around, comes around.  Here's what the NEW mini-golf looks like. It's nothing like the old one, but people seemed to be enjoying themselves as they played.

Mini-golf at Erin Mills Town Center

This area is a community activity area. I doubt the mini-golf is permanent. It changes depending on the season. But I had a great laugh when I saw the sign and I had to stop in on my way home to get some pictures. Here's the reflecting pool that's in the same area.

Reflecting pool 

Have you noticed that BIG letters are a huge thing these days? Since Valentine's Day is almost upon us, they had giant letters spelling out LOVE. They've had other letters in the past - can't remember for what. They were filled with big paper flowers in reds and pinks. 

LOVE letters at the mall

Then I was at the gym this morning and remembered the BIG numbers for an upcoming promotion. The 60-day challenge. Since I had my phone with me so I could listen to my audiobook, I snapped a photo. The current audiobook is Radium Girls by Kate Moore. So scary to realize that they (the company owners) knew there was an issue with radium, but choose to ignore it.

Advertising the 60-day challenge at the gym

Don't worry - there is quilting stuff in the blog today. I've always been fascinated by construction and deconstruction. When the mall was replacing the clock tower with the giant glass ball, I was by the mall almost every day to see the progress. Yep - if you search the blog for Erin Mills Town Center, you'll see some of the posts. I'll go back and find some of the pictures. I can't see any pictures of the clock tower and I find it hard to believe that I wouldn't have posted any pictures.

That construction took place in 2014, 2015. Now there's another big construction project underway. I might just be spending a lot of time at the mall. I must have spent 15 minutes watching the deconstruction yesterday. Totally fascinating.

There is a new entertainment complex going into the space that was occupied by the Sears store. They started some deconstruction before the holidays, but it was inside and you couldn't see anything. Yesterday when I walked by, the entire wall was being deconstructed.

That used to be the Sears store

I'm not sure how it worked, but there was a guy in the big crane - well - that's not really a crane. I wonder what that machine is called. Anyway, he was on the ground level and using the arm to pull stuff out of the top floor. I don't know if he could see or was doing it blindly? I bet they have a camera on the end of the arm. Anyway, he was pulling stuff out and the little bobcat was scooping it up and putting it in a big pile in the parking lot.

Pulling the stuff out of the old Sears building

I swear the head of that arm looked like the jaws of a T-Rex. I wish I could have gotten a better picture. Maybe have to go back with the big camera. Anyway, the store wasn't empty. I saw metal shelves coming crashing down. Then some wooden shelving units that looked like they would have been very useful. All totally smashed to bits as they fell into the parking lot.

A T-Rex jaw on the end of the arm

Then they got into pulling out wires and cables, and wall studs and drywall. All totally fascinating! I bet that that entire wall is gone by this morning. It's not far from the library and I go there almost every day. I'll have to take a wee detour. I bet this wall gets replaced by a huge wall of windows.

Ripping out the old structure

Then it was back home and back to work. I'm working on my Stitcher's Garden quilt. I'm so close now that if I don't have it completely done for our UFO class on Sunday - well, then there's no hope for me.

I keep trying to convince myself that I'm OK with leaving the edges of the applique shapes unfinished. Not EVER going to happen.

Raw edge applique shape with the edges not finished (around the purple shape)

But it looks so much nicer when the edges are finished. I didn't want to fuss with a fancy stitch with all those curves and points, so I did a satin stitch. Fast and easy. And it looks awesome.

The edges of the applique shapes are finished with a satin stitch

There are now just two shapes that need the edges finished on the LAST block. And I ripped out the other sashing pieces that I wanted to rearrange. Oh yes - progress is being made and this WILL be done.

The last block to be finished for Stitcher's Garden

I bet that if I really focused that that quilt could be completed in about 4 hours, including the backing and the binding. Well, I have something else to get done today so we'll see how it goes.

Then I was over to the long arm where I had help. Nothing like laying right in the path of where I walk. Yes - I see you!!!!  Murphy doesn't come down often, but I did have cauliflower for a snack and I think she was looking for a handout.

A helper at the long arm

This is the last of the North Star quilts!! I had four of them (besides my own) to quilt. This one also used fabrics from the kit. While I didn't mind quilting them, the border fabric frays so much. Nice for garments, not so much for quilts. And it's stretchy as well, which is NOT fun for borders.

Customer quilt - DONE

And the backing was the yarn-dyed linen as well. With a strip of leftover fabrics. Very cute. It needs to be trimmed later on - probably tomorrow.

The backing for the North Star quilt

I did get some of my paperwork done so that was good. The important stuff got done. More stuff on the list for today. The list is for this week so I'm not worried. But I HAVE to finish my sewing samples for my dressmaking class tonight. That's my priority today.

I'm going to leave you with a FUN thing to do today. Here's the link to a quilting survey. I haven't completed it yet, but I love doing surveys!!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!


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