Monday, February 17, 2020

I'm so excited!!

It was the MOST AMAZING day yesterday. It was our UFO meeting and the weather cooperated so almost everyone was here. We have a super dedicated group of people and they are getting work DONE. That's what it's all about and at the end of the year, if they've all been good, they get their money back. Nothing like some incentive to get you motivated. I'll share all the pictures tomorrow when I have a wee bit more time.

Hey - I'm motivated as well!! Big time and I want to try and keep that momentum going all month long. I've realized one thing over the last couple of weeks. I got a LOT done in my dedicated sewing hour in the morning. I'm a morning person. I used to go to the gym in the morning and then got involved in quilting and I then spent that hour in the studio instead of the gym. Now that I'm at the gym again and not in the studio, I think that's why I haven't been feeling so productive of late.

I did get ALL the quilts trimmed yesterday so that's all out of the way. Yeah!!

BUT - I'm good with that. I'd rather go to the gym first thing when it's very quiet than go when it's crazy busy. I do miss that one dedicated hour though. Because it's a holiday here, the gym didn't open at 4 AM so I didn't go. I sewed instead! That was totally weird.

Anyway, after the UFO session, we had our FIRST embroidery club. OH MY GOSH - I'm so motivated and so excited I can hardly contain myself. What I love about BOTH events is that people are clamoring for more! I dare not stop the UFO club for fear of an uprising! And everyone wants another embroidery session. It was loads of fun and we're all going to learn lots.

Actually, the studio didn't look too bad after everyone left. But look at these empty tables. I had to take advantage of all that space. I'll share some of what I did in a minute.

The aftermath of embroidery club

And yes - loads got dumped on the cutting table as well.

The cutting table got filled as well

Yesterday, we had a general chat about the different styles of embroidery and what you can do with an embroidery machine. Next time - well, I've got big plans for next time. If anyone wants to join up, let me know. With all the show and tell from each of us, we're going to be so knowledgeable. And the topics they want to explore - well, the sky is the limit!!! I'm pumped. Plus, I need all this for my freelance job so it's not like I'm taking on something that I shouldn't be.

So while those tables were free, I decided to check out that backing for that quilt. I've no idea what I was thinking when I made it, but it was so totally not the right size and it couldn't be juggled to fit. I decided to grab some yardage and make a completely new backing for the quilt. DONE and now it's ready to be quilted.

New backing for the quilt

I fixed the cutout section of the old backing so it's now a full piece of fabric. The measurements are written on it and hopefully, we can find a quilt that we can use this for.  What a dolt - I can't believe I screwed up that badly.

A backing for another quilt

These quilts were also made in the day when I didn't add binding to the project so once this group of quilts is quilted, I'll have to find something to bind them with. I think I'm going to have to invest in a bolt of solid blue (dark blue) as that works for many quilts.

I had a good chuckle this morning as I was working on the cutting table. Hmm - do you think I have enough pens sitting there?

You can never have too many pens

Yes - three pens are sitting there. Why? No idea. It appears that it's easier to reach across the cutting table than grab a pen off the cutting table. More likely, I didn't notice the pen and totally forgot that I had left one on the table. 

What's even funnier is when I sat down at the computer this morning, guess what I found? Yep - three more pens.

Three more pens

Hmm - I seem to have a problem. I could well be labeled a pen thief in my own house!!! I have pen holders by the computer, and it appears that it's easier to grab a new pen from the awkwardly placed holder rather than pick one up off the desk.  Oh, dear!!! 

After everyone left yesterday, the girls and I went for a walk. How could you not? It was a glorious day - I didn't need a hat and the girls were in their glory!! And we just went for a walk. No errands. I did pass close by the mall, but we didn't walk into the parking lot. There wasn't any work going on so I didn't think we were going to see much. The girls were disappointed.

I'm so fired up this morning - well, I can barely contain myself. It's Monday sewing so that's exciting as well. And my mind is racing with ideas - that's never a good sign. So I must try and rein myself in, but it's all good and it's all about learning and I can't wait!!

Oh - did you check out the fashion notes link from yesterday? I went back and read through it again. I LOVE the craft section. Totally crazy - perhaps that's what we can do with all our embroidery samples. We can make Haute Couture from those samples. We could make a lot of money!

On that note, I"m out of here!

Have a super day!!!!


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