Sunday, February 23, 2020

True confessions

NO -- I did not do an hour of tidy up in the office. I looked for a couple of things which I did find but that didn't really constitute tidying up. I swear I'll get it done this week. I did a few computer clean-ups but nothing that you can visually see. I'm only failing myself - I get that. I'll just try to do better. But I don't feel bad about it at all! And I'm further along in my book than I was in the morning!

It's also time to evaluate the lists of things that needed to be done last week and see what needs to be added for this week. On my quilting of quilts - I'm right on. The rest of the stuff, I made progress but didn't clear it all which I would have been shocked if I did.

I started the day by getting that first Quilts of Valour quilted.

Community project quilt - DONE

This one needs to be trimmed and the leftover backing will be used to finish the backing of the next Quilts of Valour quilt. I only have four quilts on the schedule for this week. Can you believe that I'm caught up? Well, there's a pile of community projects quilts to quilt and there's a huge pile of my stuff to quilt, but for what was realistically scheduled, I'm right on track. And I think of the four that are to be quilted this coming week, two or three of them belong to me.

So there is progress being made. My new little scheduling board is working just fine!

I was off to the gym this morning to get in my steps and listen to my audiobook. I wonder which is the more motivating? Do I go so I can listen to the audiobook? Or do I go so I can get some miles in before the day technically starts? It doesn't matter. But here's another way to get in some steps. See that red car in the distance? That's my car. Yes - the parking lot is practically empty, but this gives me more steps to and from the car. Even on the yucky days, I park in the same spot. I'm just weird and I'm OK with that.

The nearly empty parking lot

We've been doing our Virtual Challenge for over 50 days! On my walking across Canada challenge, I'm almost 20 miles ahead of schedule. Still in the BC mountains, but on my way to Edmonton. On the Route 66 challenge, I'm ahead of the pace by just over 50 miles. That's one extra mile every day since we started. I love walking and now that the girls are somewhat settled into a routine, and hopefully, the weather is going to get consistently warmer, it's going to be hard to stay in the house. A 45-minute walk twice a day is a good pick me up! How can you be sad or depressed when you get to greet total strangers along the way, check out the neighborhood to see what changed from the previous time you passed and well - just all that fresh air!!!

I did some tidying in the studio as we have Sit n Sew today and all those scraps were everywhere. I'm not finished trimming yet, so I'm not posting the pictures, but we certainly had a pretty productive day.

On Friday night, we had our Aviatrix Medallion (Elizabeth Hartman) class.

Aviatrix Medallion quilt

This is one of the ongoing classes that will end in December. It's at Oh Look Fabric. The center of the quilt is a rather complicated block so we started with the half-square triangles in the second border.

Here are the homework blocks that everyone brought to class.

Kathy used five different colors for her half-square triangles in a bright palette which isn't surprising!

Kathy's squares

This is one of the neutral borders, but any color would work. Here are Rita's neutral colors.

Rita's blocks

Gisele's blocks - rich dark colors.

Gisele's blocks

These ones belong to Cathy.

Cathy's blocks

These are Maria's.
Maria's blocks

This group with interesting prints belongs to Corrie.

Corrie's blocks

Dana got her blocks cut, but not made, but she got her color chart together. I LOVE these charts. It was a HUGE amount of work just to put this together. And it gives you a good idea of the colors in the quilt. The pattern called for using the neutrals to make those half-square triangles, but you didn't have to.

Dana's color chart

These are Deb's neutral. I love those busy prints.

Deb's half-square triangles

And this is Deb's color chart. It's going to be neat with that turquoise, purple and the greys and whites.

Deb's color chart
I'll take pictures of mine when I finish the center block later today.

It's always interesting to see what colors people choose. Funny how some people gravitate to the same colors for every quilt. And I certainly got a good laugh as people are posting pictures of their quilts at Quiltcon and amazing how the maker dresses in the same color as their quilt The two pictures that I saw yesterday both said it was an accident, but I don't think so.

Kathy had a project bag with her that she had made and I want everyone out there to raise your hand if you have (or had) some of this fabric in your stash.

The front of Kathy's project bag

The back of Kathy's project bag

I remember this fabric and I remember buying yards and yards of it. I have used it for backings of several quilts. I made doll quilts (that still need to be quilted) and I might even have some left in the stash. It was a very popular print in the day when calicos were the thing. Oh my god!!! I laugh every time I see it. I should make myself a project bag from it just because.

It's Sit n Sew today and I have pulled out a few things that I need to work on. The cutting table is a mess and they will just have to work around me.

But at least the tables are clear so they can all sew.

On that note, I'm out of here. It's a glorious morning out there and the girls are "patiently" waiting. Actually, they are in a pretty good routine and they know we do NOT even consider the walk until 7:30 which is 8 minutes away. So they are quiet!

Have a super day!!!


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