Monday, February 24, 2020

Scraps galore

Can you believe the weather? It's glorious! A bit cooler today, but still above zero and so nice to get out and walk. And the sidewalks are clear of ice, although one does have to be careful as there are still a few patches of hidden ice, for the most part, they are clear. That makes me very happy.

I got a lot done yesterday. It was a super productive sewing day (Sit n Sew) which doesn't happen often. I'll share that with you tomorrow. Today it's all about the scraps. I was waiting to get all the scrappy blocks trimmed before I shared them with you. That happened so that's what you're going to see today.

And there's a bonus. Why the bonus? Well, something bad happened yesterday. It wasn't bad for me, but it was for France. And she paid penance for it and let it be known we did not force her to do what she did. But for the second month in a row, she forgot the foot pedal and cord for her sewing machine. I lent her one of mine and told her to do whatever project she brought to work on. No, she insisted on working on our scrap blocks. It was hard to refuse.

So between the five people who sewed on Friday and France who sewed blocks yesterday, this is how many blocks were created.

Total number of scrap blocks created

Essentially what I had done was sort the scraps by the color - more or less. There are red, blue, green and browns scraps and then there's miscellaneous. See the green ones across the top? France made those yesterday!! Thanks so much, France - I love you for that!

Here's a closeup of each color.


The blues




We weren't sure how the miscellaneous would turn out, but you know? They don't look half bad.

In case you are wondering how many blocks there are - there are 155 in total on the wall. That's absolutely amazing for a couple of reasons. We created 155 blocks from a couple of bags of scraps and it doesn't look like we made a dent in the scrap bins. And the fact that 6 people created those blocks in a matter of hours - that's also crazy amazing!!! This was such a FUN FUN day and we made something from nothing. Think about that as you survey your stash. You could give it away, try to sell it or have fun with it.

Each quilt needs 80 blocks. Now we have more blocks from the previous sewing session. In total, there are 80 blocks of blue so that will be a kit for someone to assemble. We still need 13 blocks to make the green quilt and I'll be working on those between now and the next community projects day so we'll have a second quilt to sew together. We're going to take a break from sewing these blocks for March, but back to scrap block sewing in April as we need to get enough blocks together to complete the red, brown, and miscellaneous quilts. Then we'll move to a different pattern.

In the process of getting those blocks done, the scraps are mostly sorted and that's half the battle to getting them used up. I'm thrilled beyond words. A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Lynn, Sharon, Diane, Rose, Liz, and France for making up these blocks.

Here's a couple of other pictures that I snapped yesterday.

Diane brought this cat panel that she had finished to show.

Cat panel quilted by Diane

It's hard to see in the photos, but the eyes were embellished with large crystals. It was quilted with metallic thread so it's very sparkly and dramatic.

Embellished with crystals
 And in some places, she had beads. I missed a photo of that. But it's beautiful.
Crystals for eyes

Oh - here's France's sewing station with all the green scraps.

Sewing the scrap blocks

Sharon N is getting close to completing her Border Creek Mystery. She's now on clue 7 of 8. Yeah!!!!

Working on Clue 8

The pieces are getting bigger so less to lose or get mixed up.

The big blocks for the Border Creek Mystery

It's such a fun day to get together with friends and sewing and I especially love it when I'm productive which I was. You'll see it tomorrow.

Before I leave, here's a couple of dates for you to put in your calendar.

March 27, 28 - This is the Etobicoke Quilt Show. There are 10 vendors, going to be loads of quilts on display, daily draws and door prizes, cafe, and a whole lot more things to see and do. I've given you the link so be sure to go and check it out. Better yet - PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW. We rearranged our Community Projects sew day so we could go.

It's so important to support our local guilds which in turn supports our local quilt shops and the world of quilting in general. Yes - we could stay at home and surf the net to see pictures of beautiful quilts or shop online, but it's not the same. Here you actually get to meet people FACE TO FACE and buy direct. I know that not everyone can get to the show - I get that. But if you can - get out there and support these local shows. We'll only ourselves to blame if they go away because no one goes to them.

July 25, 26  - Quilts in the Village. This is a NEW OUTDOOR show that will be held at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. Information is being assembled as we speak and will be published soon. This is a show that ANYONE can enter. If you can get your quilt to one of the drop-off points, then your quilt can be in the show. So if you don't belong to a guild or even if you do, start planning which quilt(s) you want to put in the show. There'll be lots more information shortly. 

I'll have some tips on what to do at a quilt show, how to maximize your time there and what to look for so stay tuned for that.

On that note, I'm out of here. It's Monday sewing and I can't wait.

Have a super day!!!


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