Thursday, June 22, 2023

Family time!

While this hotel is functional and clean, I'm not sure I'd stay here again. Why? It's in the most bizarre location. It's situated in a highway loop, so getting to the hotel is a pain in the butt unless you're coming from the south or the west. But come from the north or the east, you must make U-turns. And it's the opposite when you want to leave. But it doesn't matter - I've survived, and after a few days, I'm getting to know my way around. 

The red dot is where the hotel is located! 

As usual, the day started with the geocaching. I spent some time at the CFB Winnipeg base (the plane museum, just outside) looking at some of the planes used by the military. It's pretty fascinating stuff. See, those Adventure Labs or geocaches will take you places, you would not normally go. 

Fighter jet on display

I double-dipped on the virtual badges because if you got 21 caches or adventure lab spots this week, you got a virtual badge for the Summer Solstice, and I got that yesterday! Yeah! 

Summer Solstice badge

This tiny one was very close to the hotel and was easy to get, but some of them are like looking for a needle in a haystack. Look how tiny that logbook is!

Teeny tiny log book

It makes sense that the military base is near the airport, so I watched a few planes take off while walking across the field to get a cache. 

Planes taking off at the airport

Then I was off on another adventure. I have a nephew who lives here, and haven't seen him for years. And now here he is all grown up and is an assistant manager (has been for five years) of a grocery store. He's done pretty well for himself. And for those who can't afford a house in Ontario, consider leaving the province. He has a nice affordable (brand new) home.

But I had to laugh as I looked around his house. He's a clean freak, like his mother, and he's a tinkerer like his father. The apple didn't fall far from the tree! I sure wished he lived closer to me -- I'd hire him to do cool stuff in my house. Good lord, my hair is a mess -- that's what happens when you forget to comb it, and you've been traipsing around in the wind and bush for hours! 

Devin and me

I spotted this signpost near the airport, and it's always fun to see how far you are from someplace else. Not quite in the center of the country, but close! 


Oh -- one more geocaching picture. Some of the containers are cleverly hidden. Can you spot the container here? 

Where's the container?

I'm happy to report that the store was almost COLD yesterday! The outside temperature was much more reasonable in the high 20s, and even with many people in the store, it was very comfortable. I was happy!

We had two great sessions on quilting, and I learned something new. It's always a give and take during these sessions, where they walk out of the room filled with inspiration, and I usually take something away as well. 

Today is the last day, and we're doing a serger event where we're making an item with the serger, which is super exciting. 

And then, if all goes well, I'll be on the plane tonight, and it'll be another late night. For a morning person, I seem to be having a lot of late nights! But even though I'm away next week, it's on my own time, so I'll be able to get up and sleep when I want. Then I'm home, and I can relax!!!!

Well, it's time to get organized, check out, find breakfast, and head to the store. It's an early start today, which is great and means I can get to the airport for that flight. OH -- I see that it is raining. Good thing I parked indoors last night as I want to repack my suitcase!

Have a super day!!!


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