Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 As I was packing to leave, I had a pair of casual shorts in my hands. Should I take them? Should I leave them? I threw them in since they were small. OMG -- they were a godsend yesterday. I went for a short walk after breakfast to do a couple of geocaches and I had my jeans on. Let's say that I got back to the hotel and put those shorts on and thank goodness I did. 

It is HOT here! I knew it was hot, but once I arrived at the store to get ready, I didn't pay attention to the temperature. But after the first session, which was in the afternoon, I checked my phone and almost died to see the outside temperature was 36 C, but with the humidity, it felt like 43 C. Wait a minute -- this is Winnipeg, which has "fondly" been nicknamed WINTERPEG by many people. This is crazy. 

And with a store full of people, the AC was struggling to keep up! So, it was a HOT day. By this time, I was dressed up, but boy - I could have used those shorts, however unbecoming they were! Perhaps, it's time to make some summer work clothes! I admit - a dress would have been wonderful yesterday!

I didn't bring a hair tie with me and so I stopped to buy some and thank goodness, because I didn't care how bad it looked, I had to tie my hair in the store! 

OK -- back to geocaching. I decided to follow an adventure lab in Assinboine Park. While I've riden my bike through Winnipeg ten years ago, I've never really been to Winnipeg. So I'd never been to this park. It's beautiful and it's huge, so I wondered around there for a while. Yes  -- it was hot, but there was a breeze, so it wasn't so bad, but there were many kids in the park - I wonder if they stayed there in the afternoon when it got hotter by 10 degrees?

Oh my -- I laughed when I went out to get my first geocache of the day. You can see my car in the lower right of the photo, which is where I had parked it at the hotel the night before. The geocache is on that lamp post on the left. Of course, until I looked at the app, I had no idea it was there! The next one was about a half a KM away and it was after that one that I decided shorts were best!

I parked right beside the geocache

There is a Children's Garden at the park and it was so cool because the entrance was KID sized and as an adult, you had to duck down to get in. I bet the kids love that!!!

The entrace to the Children's Garden

And of course, Winnie the Pooh is a big thing in Winnipeg and there is a gallery in The Pavillion in the park, so I went in to take a quick peek. Actually I was looking for a name on a plaque and thought it was inside, then I realized -- if someone were doing the adventure lab after hours, they couldn't get in. So let's rethink that and I found the plaque outside. 

Winnie the Pooh memorabelia

But it was fun to see all the memorabilia and all the old Winnie The Pooh books and the gallery was air conditioned, so that was a nice break from the heat. 

In the park, there is also a STUNNING English garden with loads of shady trees. I took a walk through the garden and saw these benches along the way. Some people had books and were reading and enjoying the shady spots. 

Park benches in the English Garden

The other day, we were talking about where you would like your ashes (if you are cremated) to be placed. In a wall, in a plot or scattered. I thought it was illegal to scatter ashes, but I was WRONG. It's OK. It's a tough decision for some. I have no family ties to Toronto, so if I were to be buried there, no one would come visit me and I would end up a dusty corner somewhere. However, if my name were on a bench in memory of, well, people would pass by and see my name. They wouldn't know me, but they would wonder who I was. 

It's an interesting question that I'll have to figure out one day. But with little or no family where I live -- what does become of ones remains? It's an interesting question. 

But speaking of names, look at what I saw when I arrived at Carellen's Sewing Center yesterday? Oh my goodness, I had to laugh. They have a sense of humor at the store. 

I'm at the right place! 

But I did get to meet two people that I have met on Zoom and continue to spot them in my online classes - Brenda and Margot. It was so nice to meet them in person. And we got hugs, which is even better. 

We had two great sessions yesterday - one on Accessories and the other on Applique. Today, there are two sessions on quilting and tomorrow, it's all about the serger! 

Despite the heat, we're having fun and that's all that counts. But I think a few people went away yesterday inspired and in AWE of what they can do with a sewing machine/embroidery machine. 

I checked into my new hotel, which is fine but weird. There are no easy access electrical plugs. I had to move the bedside table to get access to one there for my phone. And I had to reach under the table to get access to that one for my laptop. But I just noticed this on the desk top. 

Beer at the front desk!

I guess one needs to keep their priorities in mind! I was a bit worried about noise because of the location of this hotel and the fact there's a pool on this floor, but all seems to be fine and I slept like a log. 

By the time I finished at 9 PM and got out of there, and checked into the hotel, I decided to grab something to eat. I wasn't really hungry, but I hadn't eaten too much all day. I don't usually on the days when I do events. However, most of the places nearby, close at 10 PM. So I managed to sneak into the A&W and ordered, but had to sit outside to eat. No worries there -- the temperature was just comfortable by that time!

And there you have it --- a fun day and while it's already 23 C outside, it's only supposed to go up to 26 C today, so let's hope!!

I'm off to get some geocaching done this morning and I have a nephew who lives here and happens to have a day off today, so I plan to pop in today. 

Have a super day!!!


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