Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Mom - Can I come?

Phew -- another event done, and for those that could not attend, well, you missed a TON of information. Everyone left the events with loads of inspiration and knowledge that they were NOT expecting when they arrived! I like when that happens!

The drive was fine both ways, although I was getting a bit tired as I neared home, as it was well past my usual bedtime by then. But I'm listening to The Pearl Sister, the fourth book in The Seven Sisters series. Someone (I think it was one of you) mentioned they did NOT like this book, and based on the sister's personality, I didn't think I'd like it either. However, it's not bad, and I'm enjoying it. I'm only just halfway through this book. They are LONG - 20 hours of audiobook! And as the story unfolds, you try to guess how the sister is connected to the historical figures. I'm enjoying them, but I know the eighth and final book is out, so I must catch up. There are still four more to read after this one. 

The next set of events is in Winnipeg at Carellen's Sewing Center next week. We're talking accessories for PFAFF, Adventures in Applique, Quilting, and a hands-on event to test the sergers! It'll be a jam-packed three days, and if you live close enough to Winnipeg to attend, you will not be sorry!

So I'd better start unpacking and repacking for that, but I also have a lot of quilting and sewing to do before then, and there is the prep work for those five classes this weekend. 

I've decided to visit the doctor this morning, and WAIT -- I get to test out my new health card. Yes - it arrived while I was away last week. I booked the appointment for her to look at my knee, which I'm pretty sure is now the culprit to a torn (again!) meniscus. How will that affect my summer plans and daily walking? 

Some days (like yesterday), walking can be quite painful and unpleasant, so I'll get some X-rays, and then we'll see what the scoop is. The big question, and I know what you will all say, is whether I walk to the doctor's office or take the car? While quite stiff and, I presume, swollen, it's not hurting so much this morning. And how does one tell if the knee is swollen when both knees are chubby anyway? It's mostly moving to a sitting or standing position that causes the most pain -- walking is not so bad. 

It is all fun and games when you are getting old, and as we all know - it sucks! 

But maybe I'll ask for my blood work to be done as well since it's been a "few" years since it was last done. 

Yes -- I was good and did some research on the geocaches to find one near Groovy Threads in Trenton. I had a break between the classes, and it was quick to pop out and get it. I believe that makes eight days in a row. Two more days, and I will get another virtual badge. I know -- some people would ask how old I am -- well, it gets me outside for some fresh air and exercise - that's all I say! Besides, I've pretty much poopooed the idea of caring what other people think about my eccentricities. It's my life, and I'll do what I want (within the law, of course!)

Here's the thing - the geocache was near where customers pick up their online orders from a major store. So as the people are parked with their cars facing the edge of the parking lot with their trunks open to receive their orders, I'm in the threes right in front of them. I bet that looked very weird to them!

And I see when I went to bed that a brand new cache was published last night, and it's on the way to the doctor's office. That could be my cache of the day! 

During our MondayZoom sewing days, we have show and tell. It's so much easier to do show and tell on Zoom than in person. No one wants to carry extra things. People send me photos of something they are working on or completed. I assemble the photos into a PowerPoint slide show, and we can hear and see the story behind the quilt. 

I start the presentation with a picture of a sewing machine or some sewing-related item. And over the past couple of years, we've had some amazing photos. Some I found online or in my travels, and yet others were found by the group members. 

I should start sharing them with you after they are shared with the group. I shall try to remember that! 

I just realized that I am NOT saving those photos. They go into my presentation and are then deleted week by week. But I found this picture. It's a tin tile that must have been used as advertising in a store that sold Clark's Cotton thread. How cool is that? I found this on the checkout counter at Heart n Home quilt shop in New Hamburg. 

A tin tile

As I was packing the suitcases yesterday, Miss Murphy was beside herself. MOM - are you going away again? I NEED to come with you. Please................... And when I was packing the car, she was trying to escape the house so she could jump in the car. 

She is like a puppy and follows me everywhere in the house, and there is that darn ball. She's carrying it around the house now, hoping someone will throw it for her. 

Mom -- I've packed my ball! 

So now that I'm home for five days, she can have her fill of me! But I notice that it's Lexi beside me in the office this morning, and Murphy is nowhere to be found! 

Hopefully, there'll be some exciting quilt stuff to share with you tomorrow as I'm off to start things for the day. I did NOT make it to spin class. I was tired, and I thought my knee should get a break! 

Have a super day!


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