Friday, June 9, 2023

Quilt Canada 2023 Day One

Quilt Canada 2023 --- what a blast we are having! Day One was a zoo as everyone rushed to see the quilts, visit the vendors, and catch up with each other. We barely had time to think all day, which is great - the day passed so quickly. 

And so many people stopped by the booth, some of whom I hadn't seen in person in years, some I had only met on Zoom, and others I see on Facebook. It was like an old-home week! There were too many people to name, and I'd surely miss one or two. So a HUGE shout out to everyone who stopped by to say HI. 

I did start the morning by going for a walk and checking out a geocache. That makes it two days in a row. How many consecutive days can I do this? If I want the top virtual badge this month, I need 20 consecutive days of geocaching. Hmm - there are a few trips between now and the end of those 20 days. It's possible! I have one mapped out for this morning, and I have one for tomorrow as well. Both should be easy to make happen. Then we'll see.

I mentioned yesterday that Halifax reminded me of Quebec City, and here's why. There are many OLD ironworks buildings near the water, like this one. 

An old ironworks building

And yet, there are many "maritime" style buildings as well. This is an amazing building with those HUGE storm doors covering the large windows and doors. They are likely no longer in use but are still attached to the building. 

Old maritime building

I'm glad I have some time to explore in the morning as there is much to see, and I don't have any extra time while I'm here, so the early morning walk is great! It gets me loosened up for the day. 

My knee is so much better. A bit of stretching and a few anti-inflammatory pills, and I'm good to go! Trust me, I'm not overdoing it! I will certainly be down in my steps again this week, but not nearly as bad as last week. 

Here are some pictures of our booths. I'm not sure how big the booth is, but we have crammed stuff into every square inch, with a 12-foot-long arm frame, a 5-foot frame, and a sit-down machine along one end. Don't you love my pixelated apple? That's a workshop I took with Tamara Kate several years ago! 

One end of our booth

This is one side of the PFAFF booth, and check out my modern improv quilt at the end. 

One end of the PFAFF booth

Here's the other end with serger samples. People do NOT realize they can do fantastic quilt stuff with a serger! We need a sign!!

The PFAFF booth

OH -- there's the end of the PFAFF booth. 

The rest of the PFAFF booth

And here's the Husqvarna Viking booth. I was going to be in this booth for the day but never got out of the PFAFF booth, but it worked out just fine! 

Husqvarna Viking booth

While I hope it stays super busy, I would like a few spare minutes to get out and view some of the quilts. I have to find my challenge piece, and I'd like to look at the Trentex challenge, as I usually buy one piece each year. 

It's for days like yesterday that we put up with the "horrors" of set up day! It's not that bad, but we were all tired that day! 

OH -- I have to tell you about the geocache of the day. So I'm in a park in the middle of Halifax -- close to the waterfront. The little container is attached to the metal railing. That was pretty obvious when I arrived at the spot. But where along the fence is the container? I had no idea how large it was. There is a tent along the fence, and I'm assuming it's a homeless person sleeping there as it was there the day before when I walked through the park. I didn't want to get too close to the tent. 

So there I am, feeling my way along the fence, looking for a tiny container, and I found nothing. Of course, it was in the section beside the tent, and its occupant was awake, as I heard a lot of coughing as I got close! But I quickly found the container, which was much larger than I anticipated, so I did NOT need to feel all the fence posts. 

I swear, non-geocaching people must think there are some very disturbed people in this world as we search for little containers in strange places! 

Right after the show closed at 6 PM, Margaret and I went to catch up with the Friends of Stitch by Stitch (Kingston), who hosted a wine and cheese. There I met up with more Zoom friends, some of whom I had met in person and some not. We had a blast, and my initial plan of staying for half an hour and then getting something to eat was blown out of the water. We finally left and headed to another pub for a much quieter drink and dessert. I know -- I need to go on a diet when I'm off this crazy travel thing. I feel like a slug!

It's all the dessert, beer, and junk food. So when I'm home (and even now), I need to start banning it from my diet as it's NOT good for my waistline. The minute I eat that stuff, it attaches to my waist, and I do not like it! 

It's time to get dressed and get moving -- I have a bit of walking this morning with my geocache - well, my adventure lab, which will take me along the waterfront. So I get to play tourist, get in my steps and have a "goal" simultaneously. It works for me!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I love travel but I also get "off my game" on my food intake. I've been home 5d and I'm still craving that crap. Arghhhh.

  2. I used to go to Chicago to visit my daughter and I always dropped a few pounds. Now how do you lose weight in a food paradise like Chicago? Well, I walked a huge amount! Iwish I could do that walking now. Alas, my left knee is so painful that walking is horrible. I am going to have knee surgery in a few months, and then we will see.
    I am glad that you are feeling better.