Sunday, June 18, 2023

The canine choir!

Dare I say that I actually feel relaxed with these few days at home? I have loads that I'd like to do, but I'm just glad to be here puttering! 

I've almost got everything unpacked from the last trip, and I'm packing for Monday. But I'm being smart. There was a small table set up for another purpose, and rather than put it away, I made stacks relating to each topic, and this is so much easier than just slapping things in a bag. 

Packing and sorting for the next trip

This is also the difference between packing for travel by plane versus travel by car! That pillow form will likely get tossed -- I'll see how I go for weight and space. 

My flight isn't until late, so I have all day today and most of tomorrow to organize myself. I've got loads of time! 

Another customer quilt is ready for pickup. I must have been so excited that I never took a picture of it as it came off the long arm. I remembered this morning, and it was already tried. 

Customer quilt - DONE

She wrote on the label (which I am making for her), there are 576 HSTs in that quilt. I love this pattern, and it's an excellent way to use up scraps! 

I love what she did with the backing. If you have leftovers, the backing is a perfect place to put them. 

Leftover HSTs on the back of the quilt

We had three AMAZING Zoom calls yesterday, and everyone was so kind with their comments about the classes. Hey -- it's their work that makes the class show and tell so exciting. I plan to post the pictures for Toes in the Sand later this week. What a variety of colors and placement options. Excellent job to everyone!!!!

I had a car errand that took several hours, but while I was in a different location, I decided to get my geocache there. So 11 days and counting. I can do this for nine more days to get the virtual challenge badge! 

What were the girls up to? As usual, Murphy loves to play with that darn ball, and we can be sitting at the kitchen table and hear "plop," and there she is at the backdoor, ready to play! 

Or she might be taking a break surrounded by her things! She's in the corner of the yard with the ball and her headless bear! I discovered yesterday why the bear was decapitated. Apparently, when the SIL and BIL were here in May, BIL was playing tug-o-war, and well, the rest is history! But Murphy doesn't care! She now has two parts to play with. 

MOM -- just taking a breather! 

So what's this all about? She dropped the ball in that flower bed, and rather than going in like a bull in a china shop, she decided to lay down and bark at me to get it for her. She really does think we live our lives for her! 

MOM -- a little help here! 

And what's this all about? It looks like I have two Jaws in the house! Or are they in the canine choir? Nope -- just play fighting as they usually do. They are silly girls, but you can't beat the entertainment factor from them. 

MOOOOOOOM!!!!!! We LOOOOOOOOOVE youuuuuuuuuuu!

There are two more Zooms this morning (all prepped), and then I have the afternoon "free." I have a lot of paperwork and small things that NEED to be tidied up, so that's on the agenda for the afternoon. It should be relaxing - tedious but relaxing. And I'll feel better knowing that the stuff has been taken care of!

Just over 2 hours left in the audiobook, but I don't think I can find two hours today -- I might need to wait for the plane, although I have to figure out how to download it as last time, I needed to be connected to the WiFi to listen. Or to have the book downloaded!

And happily, the ideas for the fall classes are falling into place. I am letting everyone know that the number will be significantly reduced, and I think everyone is relieved  They will not have to make choices! 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!


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