Tuesday, June 6, 2023

What's wrong with my feet?

I'm starting to think there's something seriously wrong with my feet. Those new sandals? They feel great, although I wouldn't be able to wear that pair on the Camino as they will be too small after one week of walking. However, I noticed a wee twinge in my heel as I walked, and when I came home, it was to discover a hot spot forming just below the neoprene strap at the back. How the heck is this happening? 

The skin is not damaged in that area; there were no prior blisters. But I appear doomed with my feet now that I have a mission in mind. It is getting rather annoying, to say the least. So I'll switch back to socks and the Hokas. I might try a light pair of socks in those sandals or wear them for short periods. 

Hoka also has a similar sandal with a different strap at the back, so I might order those for my alternate pair of shoes to wear on the Camino. It's apparent that I'll need THREE pair of shoes (what a hassle), but I have no choice. I have to switch shoes regularly, or I'm in trouble. I may have to change my shoes mid-day on my walk. 

Has anyone read The Seven Sisters book series? I found the first three on Libby (the library app), but the fourth was not there, and I'm too cheap to buy the book. But after much coaching by Elaine (a retired librarian), I finally got into Hoopla (also provided free from our library), and the fourth book is there. Someone told me they didn't like the fourth book, but so far (almost 25%), so good. The eighth (and final) book was recently released, and I want to know where everyone came from. So I have a lot of reading to do before I get there. 

I also found quite a few other books and magazines on Hoopla that are not on Libby, so I must be sure to use both apps. I've now got a group on my phone, and inside, I have Libby and Hoopla, so I might use it more. 

I've been struggling with my Sonos Roam wireless speaker, and when I didn't get any results from the support team, I somehow got a survey, and it was through the survey that I could connect to the support team. I scheduled an appointment (how civilized is that?) and they called me promptly yesterday. After 45 minutes, it is working, but for how long? 

Sonos Roam speaker

Is this an operator error? I don't think so since the music will cut out occasionally, and that is NOT an operator error. So now that it has been factory reset and reconnected to everything let's monitor it and see what happens. 

I slept great last night and even dreamt about Quilt Canada, which I'll be heading for later this afternoon. 

The kitchen table and counters are clear! I neatly packed things to bring back into the office, so it's still messy, but it looks better than before. I'll get through it -- I've made huge leaps and bounds over the last year, and I know this time next year that it'll be in even better shape! 

I did some tidying up in Studio B as well. Most things are off the floor and on one of the sewing tables. The items are neatly packed in totes, and I'll have to deal with them when I return. And I must pack again almost as soon as I get home, so one day, I must deal with it all! 

The peony is almost in bloom -- lots of vibrant buds.

Peony buds

One peony bloom

I have to find a pattern in which to use these orange strips. They are part of three smaller jelly rolls that I purchased years ago, and they are now sorted into solid orange, white on orange, and orange on white. I need to take inventory of how many of each there are and then go looking. So many patterns that it's almost overwhelming to find something. 

Jelly roll strips looking for a pattern

And a customer quilt got quilted, trimmed, and ready for pickup later today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

To try and make Murphy happy, we played ball yesterday while I was listening to my audiobook. My goal is to throw the ball into that shrub over the pond. One of these days, she will fall in, but she's pretty agile. You can't see in this photo, but one of her back legs is in the air as there wasn't room on the ledge for her to put it! It was hilarious to watch her antics as she tried to find the ball, which sometimes gets in the top of the shrub, so she has to jump in a way to get it. 

MOM -- I got it! 

But all this keeps her mind active, and she is in her glory when she's on the hunt for the ball. 

MOM -- can you see me? 

MOM -- Found it -- I'm coming! 

Meanwhile, Princess Lexi just lays in the sun. 

MOM - Princesses do NOT play ball

Yes, the screen door has a giant hole, but someone wants to play ball! Is she not looking at me to not make it so direct? I doubt it! 

MOM -- can we play ball? 

And then, if you look close, you can see Murphy in the back - in the dirt! We need to get some mulch for that backyard and soon! The landscaper just doesn't have time - - he never even called me back, and this is someone we know very well! 

Mom -- just taking a wee rest before we start again!

And as for the ball in the pond? There are lots of lilies in there now, so the ball doesn't go far, and she manages to get it out herself. But she has become an annoying barker, and we must find a way to stop that. She barks because she's jealous if I brush Lexi, she barks if I'm not moving fast enough to dig the ball out of the pond, or I won't throw the ball. 

MOM -- the ball is rolling -- I'm NOT touching it

MOM -- all good - it stops before it went into the pond!

Well, I have a few things I still want to sew together so I can work on them at Quilt Canada, and I should pack a few clothes. The sample suitcase is done! 

Have a great day!


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  1. For those Orange jelly strips. How about the S and Z blocks quilt. http://sewingforbeginners.info/alternating-s-and-z-blocks-jelly-roll-quilt-pattern/