Saturday, June 24, 2023

I "won" the lottery!

There's been a considerable debate going on since the pandemic. Do we want to return to work in an office, or are we happy to stay home? I get a chuckle out of all the people who were upset because they couldn't go into the office during the pandemic. They were going crazy looking at the same walls all day and craved the day they could go in. Now that many of them have the freedom to go in, they don't want to, citing additional costs and time. 

It's funny how people change their minds when the ball is in their court. I knew that was the case, but nope -- many people couldn't see it. And I had a great laugh when the federal employees went on strike, and one of their demands was the "right" to work from home. 

While I get all the business about how much easier the commute is, we must remember that our economy is based on people living and working in different places. The restaurants and infrastructure in the downtown core were designed to support the workforce during the day! We will never get better public transport if people don't use it and so on! 

Plus, there's a HUGE factor in my mind. The ability to SHUT off work. A transition time occurs when you are on the train or the bus, or in your car. Use it to sleep, to plan, or whatever, but hopefully, when you get home, you don't have to worry about work! 

While working at home is great for me, there's a HUGE problem in my eyes. My "work" never ends. While I have a lot of flexibility, I would love ONE weekend where I didn't have to think about sewing. I can't even remember the last time unless I was on vacation. Why can't I have a free weekend to myself? And even to those people taking the classes. Do they really want EVERY weekend tied up to a sewing event? I hope not!

And so that is partially why this whole planning thing is happening for next year. We NEED at least one weekend free of sewing! I do, anyway; however, that will NOT be this weekend!

I have most of the presentations for today set up, and the two for tomorrow are easy. So all is good from a timing perspective. Thankfully, I didn't need to do a lot of sewing -- heck -- I didn't have to do any sewing! So that's even better! 

So don't feel sorry for me -- I'm the one that got myself into the mess, and I'm the one to dig myself out, which is happening with all the planning! 

I must say that I didn't accomplish much yesterday. I got up and wrote the blog and walked the dogs together, which was a nightmare! They were both like wild Mustang horses! And then I went back to bed and got up in the afternoon! Yes --- this was NOT a nap; this was the rest of my sleep. Thankfully, I can fall asleep in the middle of the day, with bright outdoor light streaming in the window. When I'm tired, I'm tired! 

I had a software lesson in the afternoon -- I was the student. There is so much to learn, and there just doesn't seem to be enough time to learn it all. But I'm getting much more comfortable with it, which is good. I think I have all the basics down pretty much - it's time to get into the heavy editing and digitizing!

I also managed to get out for my daily geocache. OK -- so I like going out, but I'm getting a bit weary of HAVING to go out every day. I need THREE more days to get that final virtual badge! It was more fun to get them when I was away from home! So I picked a good time when I wasn't home much. 

On my way home, I stopped by the mall and popped into the new cinema. Yep -- it's an arcade and a cinema. All kinds of crazy games to play, and I need to check out the Virtual Reality area as well. I didn't see it. 

The arcade at the cinema

I got the mail the day before and discovered I had "won" the lottery! Well, I technically won, but it wasn't a huge amount. Remember when I dropped that scratch ticket off at the Halifax office. I was told it could take 6 - 8 weeks. 

But my cheque was waiting for me so that was speedy service. I thought I might have won $25, but alas, it was only $10. But $10 is better than no dollars, so I'm happy! And well, it was quite the adventure to collect that $10. 

My "big" win!

In the Virtual Challenge world, I currently have THREE on the go. One is a specific one - The Grand Canyon and I seem to be ripping through it, but it's only 450 KM, so very short in my world. 

The Conquer 2023 is my 4,400 KM for the year, and I'm currently at 48%, so pretty much on target to meet the goal for this year. And the Conquer Challenge 2022 is a three-year challenge to walk the length of Africa. I'm a wee bit ahead on that one at 53%. But I was using my spin class cycling to help out last year. This year, I'm only walking. I might need to add in some cycling next year to get to the end. Notice the distance on that one -- over 16,000 KM. There is NO medal associated with that one, which works for me. I'm not particularly fond of getting the medals - what will I do with them? But I like the motivation of keeping myself moving! 

I know -- you're asking yourself, how can I do that with two bum knees. I walk through the pain! And I take the occasional pill to keep the inflammation down and ice my knee. Here's the thing -- if I sat down because they hurt? They would seize up, and I would NEVER get them moving. Thankfully, they don't hurt so much when I am walking. The starting, stopping, sitting down, and getting up kills me. And let's not even think about how little bend the right knee has. Some days are good, and others - well, it doesn't bend much. 

My ultrasound is on Monday, and then we'll see. I know because I'm still walking as much as I am, it doesn't make me a good candidate for surgery, but let's see what happens. I'll walk until it gets worse or better, but I will NOT stop! I may walk slower, and I may walk less, but I won't stop!

So it's Virtual Retreat tonight and tomorrow, so I hope to putter and get some cleaning done, or I might even turn on the sewing machine and do some sewing. What a novel concept that is!!!

Be sure to stop by and say HI!!! You don't have to stay for long, but check in to see what's happening in the quilt world! 

Here are the links. 

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Sunday, - June 25 - Starts at NOON

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And on that note, I need to get the day started!!!

Have a great day!


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