Saturday, November 4, 2023

Can too much excitement kill you?

The show MUST go on! For whatever reason, my internet at home isn't happy this morning. At first, I thought it was my computer, but I didn't have much open. But even after restarting the computer, it wouldn't work, so I'm currently using my cell phone as a hotspot, and I'm connected! 

I have two Zoom this morning, so let's hope that everything is back to normal by then, although I can use my phone to hotspot if need be. And I'm happy to report that the presentations are DONE! I could have used an extra hour for one of them, but I'll finish it this afternoon before I send it out to the group. 

Oh yes -- you read that correctly -- some of these presentations take HOURS to put together. And it's incredible what I can find on my computer if I do a search on specific drives and folders. Stuff I wrote and didn't remember! I hope everyone in the classes appreciates all the work. I think they do! I must say that I put WAY more work into the Zoom presentations than I ever did in person. Probably because I don't have direct contact with them, so what's on those slides MUST make sense. 

So yesterday was one of those days when NOTHING got done that was supposed to, other than working on the presentations, which happened late at night and early this morning. Instead, it was a day of SURPRISES, some expected and some not. OK - I guess if I knew it was coming, it's not a surprise! Good news is probably a better way to phrase that. 

M was home for the day and now spending some time with a friend, which is great because this weekend is FILLED to overflowing with stuff to do. 

The first good news is that the small splitter I purchased the day before from my FAVORITE store arrived. Now, I have a couple of days to test out my computer and cameras to make sure it works. I have some very cool presentations to do in the coming weeks, and this will be a vital part of the presentation. So that was great. 

WAIT -- the first good news is that M was home, and we got to visit about her trip and things in general! 

Then, I had to zip down to the car dealership to get the winter tires on my car. I arrived four minutes late at the service bay door, and I waited, and I waited until there was room to bring my car inside. It must have been that everyone had a 10 AM appointment. But finally, at 10:15, I was able to check my car in. 

I had scheduled this tire change and service appointment several weeks ago, which is so not like me, but I knew that I would have some potential snowy drives this month, and it would be best to have those tires. See how sensible I am becoming? 

While there, I decided to check with my salesperson to get a status on the car. Remember, we ordered a new car back on February 19? I haven't called him since because I didn't want to be disappointed with "I'm sorry, but we have no date yet." 

He greeted me as I walked towards his table and said - "your last name is Theriault, right?" I said, "Yes." "Well, he said, "I've been calling you (landline) to tell you that your car is coming in NOVEMBER. 

Oh gosh -- that put me in a tizzy because I was NOT expecting the car until April. Now what? I returned to the service desk to tell them to put the all-season tires in the car and NOT in storage. The car was scheduled to arrive on November 27 or thereabouts. WOW -- that threw me for a loop, and I have things to think about and a car to sell. 

Made it back home, and M and I started to play the EXIT game that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago. We got all the supplies set up according to the instructions. 

Supplies for the EXIT game

Oops, here's more stuff that needed to be laid out. 

More supplies are needed - yes, even those scissors!

There are ten riddles in this one that have to be solved in a specific order. The answer to each riddle is a three-digit code. The games are EXTREMELY well thought out, and we struggled a little on the first clue. OH -- you can download an app with "mood" music. It also sets a timer, which wasn't a good thing for us. 

Getting started!

So, after looking at the first clue of three for the first riddle, we solved it. The second riddle was easy, although it took us a moment to realize how the solutions work. So, at first, it said we were wrong. Then we looked at the clues and realized we were right. At this point, we realized that we were misreading the answer (DUH!!), and we were on to the next clue. 

Solving the next riddle

We solved three of the ten before we ran out of time. I'll send her home with a copy of the fourth clue, and we can work on it over What's App. If you know someone who is into puzzles and games, I HIGHLY recommend these. There are seventeen in the series, ranging from Beginner to Advanced. We are struggling with the beginner, and I think it takes a bit to get your brain wrapped around how these things work. I found that pretty comprehensive list in that link, but you can buy them at Indigo, 401 Games, and other places if you look online. These ones are about $20. 

At some point, I had to retrieve my car, only to be greeted by the salesperson (Cameron), who told me the car is sitting in the storage lot! It arrived YESTERDAY! The car is HERE! OH MY GOSH --- I can't handle this - I need to sell my car, I need insurance, I need EVERYTHING, including a new set of winter tires! So much for being proactive and getting the other ones on the existing car! 

I told him I would call him back on Monday to see how to proceed. I need time to process this!

As if that wasn't enough, M and I took a little drive in DH's car since mine was in the shop. OH MY GOSH -- I'm surprised he isn't dead. The smell of exhaust in the car is OVERWHELMING. He's been hanging onto the car until the new one came in. Then we get rid of his by donating it to the scrap pile - it's ancient and then selling mine and becoming a ONE-car family. 

He needs to get rid of that car sooner rather than later because that is an extreme hazard. We drove with the windows open! 

And this is what we brought back. And that's all you get to see for the moment. 

A car full of fun!

It's in the front hall, and I need time to unpack it. So you can imagine my day when I get this amazing toy, and it's trumped by getting a new car! We had a good laugh over that!

So my car is sitting in the driveway with the all-season tires in the back. Hopefully, we can get rid of it quickly!

All-season tires in the back

If you are wondering what's in the other car (well, now in the front hall), this is a clue. 

Do you know what this is?

And how about these cuties sitting in the front window. We will all miss that little guy when he goes home on Monday! 

Big dog, little dog! 

So, let's get through those Zooms quickly so I can process some of the good news that happened yesterday. Then, two more Zooms tomorrow and loads of sample-making to happen. Even more now! I wish I could get away with fewer hours of sleep --- WAIT -- isn't there a time change tonight? OH -- I need that extra hour! As if it's really an extra hour!

On that note, I'm out of here! I'm so excited!

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Speaking of women. Do not give up your independence by being a one car family. Give your old car to your husband. Insurance payment is a small price to pay.

    1. LOL ---- Both of us work from home and between the two of us, it's RARE that both cars are NOT in the driveway. Do NOT forget, my independence does NOT mean having a car. I walk EVERYWHERE in m y neighborhood for my errands. But I do appreciate your feedback!

  2. 4 years to deliver a car? Tesla? And I spy an Epic 3 ;-)

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend and time with M and Bear!!!

    1. Ooops -- -that might have been misleading. We ordered the car in Feb of 2023. So it was supposed to be 12 to 18 months, but was less than 12. And YES -- that was an EPIC 3 in the back!

  3. Oh wow!! EPIC 3!! How did you not get that baby set up?!! Enjoy the new car…nothing like the new car smell 🥰

    1. No new car yet -- I have to get myself together to get it home. I got the EPIC3 set up, but didn't get a chance to stitch yet. That's for today!