Sunday, November 5, 2023

That's "interesting!"

Hmm -- some interesting comments on the blog. Some of us joke that when someone says "interesting," it can have a negative connotation, as in - you see someone wearing something you don't like or think is inappropriate. You politely say, "Oh, that's an interesting outfit!"

But that is not the case for the comments. Someone mentioned going to a one-car family that I would be giving up my independence. Hmm --- that is NOT the case at our house. 

Both of us work from home and have for years. I walk to EVERYTHING in my neighborhood - the doctor, the dentist, the hospital (if I needed to go there), the grocery store, the dry cleaner, the library, the mall, and so many other places. It's how I get my second walk in the day, the first being with the girls and the boy. And YES -- I carry everything home in my current tote bag. When it wears, I'll find another in the basement storage area for tote bags. 

So, I would maintain my independence to get to where I want. If DH needs the car one day or vice versa, getting the occasional UBER is much cheaper than owning a second car. Case in point -- I can get to the airport with a $40 Uber charge. 

It's not so much the insurance -- I don't think we barely pay any on DH's car since it's an antique, but we do have 3rd party liability. Nope -- it's just we do NOT need two cars. Trust me, we talked about it, and the car will likely be registered in my name since I did all the work. DH never even came to the dealer with me to look at it, test drive it, or buy it! But it might be easier to have both names on it for identification purposes, or should one of us die during the ownership of it. 

The other thing is maintenance. I had to get the brakes redone on a pretty brand-new car because they had rusted out with NO USAGE during the pandemic. Remember that we live smack in the center of a vast city, although our house is on a beautiful street. We get total peace and quiet but are strategically placed to have foot access to everything I need. So maintaining two cars that are hardly used is not a good economic situation. My car has less than 44,000 KM on it, and it's five years old. And part of that driving was pre-COVID when I wasn't so fanatical about walking. 

I also have four bicycles in the garage if I need to go further afield, and the car is not home that day. 

Anyway --- all that to say that we've thought long and hard about this, and we both feel it's the right thing to do. DH and I get along pretty well and need to coordinate our air travel schedules for when we are away from home, so if we can do that, we can arrange a schedule for a car. Thanks for the reminder; as women, we do not want to give up our independence; mine is just not based on owning a car!

Yesterday was positively dull compared to the previous day. I got the EPIC 3 set up but decided to watch a movie with the whole gang on the sofa. Our last evening all together, well M will be here tonight. 

She is currently visiting a friend for the weekend, and it was hilarious because guess who I ran into on my walk? M and her friend!! I decided to go to Homesense, which I have not done in YEARS, and I ran into the two of them! Too funny!

I got my two Zooms done, and both were action-packed and full of questions. I felt totally wiped after that and didn't get much else done in the day!

I will pay a price for that later today when, after my two Zooms this morning, I'll run around like an idiot to get everything done!

While sorting the fusible fleece the other day, I came across this. Some Shape-Flex mixed in with the fusible fleece scraps. So, that is now in the right spot. One of the biggest issues I find in the sewing world is the need for more knowledge between interfacings, fusible web, and stabilizers. It's HUGE. 

Shape Flex is in the wrong place! 

And there's the bag of thicker fusible fleece pieces. 

Thicker fusible fleece scraps

Even though Studio B is in bad shape and getting worse every day, things have a home, making clearing up so much easier and faster. All that time of sorting and decluttering has paid off. Now, I need some time to make that happen. December and January should be relatively quiet (says I, weeks before), and we all know that chaos is par for the course at our house. 

I still have some follow-up e-mails to send. You do not want to see the office floor as it's strewn with paperwork I must do! The timing of everything in November is off --- I have travel, samples to make, the new machine to learn, a new car to deal with! And a 7-day quilting retreat because November is supposed to be a "quiet" month. Why I thought that, when it's the month after the convention, I'll never know. Let's say that the final quilt retreat for next year is already booked for December!

That Little Bear is sneaky! It was drizzly yesterday morning, so he has his raincoat on. We got to the forest, and he went partway in, then looked at me and said, "Let's go home. I hate the rain, and I want to be warm and snuggly." This is from a dog that lives in Vancouver! So we came home. 

In the forest, in the drizzle

And then there's the princess. What's with the leaf, Lexi? That's a very interesting look! 

Mom -- I'm busy!!!

Then there are the guard dogs on duty! 

MOM -- Little Bear and I are doing a good job!!! 

He loves to sit in that dog bed, but he's noisy! I had to move my Zoom call upstairs as we had a bad connection in the morning. So, I used my phone as a hotspot and came to the kitchen to do the presentation. Little Bear decided we needed to know people were walking on the street, and he was quite disruptive with all his barking!

The time change is such a non-event in our house. Everything except the microwave and store gets changed automatically, so I wouldn't even notice! Except that at 7 AM, it's much lighter than it was yesterday at the same time. 

Well, I'm off; there is much to do and little time to complete it. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I cannot WAIT for the day we have one vehicle-hub isn't ready. I have an almost 8yo that will barely hit 35,000 miles by year-end. He puts on less than 10,000 annually and we use his for road travel as he dislikes driving mine. (He is not yet retired and goes to the office 5d/w). Funny people call this a woman losing her independence. Why not the man losing his? ;-) People are funny.

    Happy Sunday to you.

    1. WOW -- you put on even less mileage than I!!! But yes --- I think it's going to take an adjustment for both of us - at least at the beginning. And you're absolutely right about the woman losing independence, but what about the man. I thought it was very strange comment, which is why I addressed it! Have a super day!!!