Saturday, November 18, 2023

On the road again!

Well, I'm home again! 

The weather while I was in the northern part of Ontario -- way -- that's a lie. If you look at the map, North Bay and Sudbury are north of me, but they are technically not the DEEP north of Ontario! So, while I was four hours north of home, the weather could not have been better. There was frost on the car one morning and a little bit of rain on the way home in the dark, but the temperature was excellent! 

Thanks to all my friends in that area for wishing hard for the beautiful weather.

So, you know, Sudbury is parallel to the bottom of Lake Superior, meaning that Sudbury is further south than parts of the US. Yep --- many people are shocked by that, but it's true! It's just north of the top tip of Michigan! 

Map of Ontario

I don't think I took a single picture yesterday - not one that wasn't for a class, so I have nothing to share. And I'm pressed for time, so the blog will be short this morning. 

Another day of successful events for Gem Sewing! And I got to meet new people, including Colette, who I know from Zoom, so it didn't even feel like I was meeting her for the first time! Cathy, I see everywhere - at the airport, in Halifax, and somewhere else, but I don't remember. It was great to see you again!

I packed my suitcases and the car, and I was off. I wanted to get far out of moose territory before it got dark. 

Yikes -- I stopped for gas along the way, and the dark just fell! One minute, it was light, and the next, it was dark! Poof! 

And what about those gas prices? I saw prices yesterday at $1.69 a liter, and imagine my surprise when I got on the street near my house to find the prices were $1.39! WOW -- that's a bit of a jump. I think I paid $1.59. 

I made good time to get home - the roads were clear, and the traffic was mostly behaving. But my goodness, people do have to stop tailgating. On more than one occasion, the car behind me braked quickly because I had to slow down for traffic, and they fishtailed behind me. Why? I get it if I were driving slow in the fast lane, but I'm going to the speed of the traffic. 

OH -- I use Google Maps for all my navigation. I get traffic slowdown alerts and all that fun stuff, but at one point, I spotted a police car in the highway's median. About 5 KM further on, I got the alert from Google Maps for a speed trap. Oops -- about 6 KM too slow. However, I was driving at an appropriate speed and was OK. 

Holy -- there are a LOT of curves on those northern highways. I use my adaptive cruise control for highway driving as much as possible, and it works. But I found myself with my foot on the gas instead of letting the car go on those parts, even though I was driving the same speed. It's the same thing with my sewing machine. I LIKE to be in control, so I use the START/STOP button for certain things - long straight rows of stitching, but for the curves, I use the foot pedal!

I went to bed shortly after getting home as I was tired, but around midnight, I was wide awake. So, I got up and prepped the presentations for this morning. So, everything is ready to go; hopefully, I've found everyone's photos. I know how to do an advanced search in Outlook, but it doesn't always seem to capture everything. I have no idea why. I should call Microsoft and ask them. However, I doubt they will know the answer to that question. 

I have a "free" week but must finish my writing assignment. But today, I have one more presentation this afternoon (shifted from last evening) and two tomorrow. In between, I think I'll just tidy up and play with my own stuff! 

OK -- sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'll have some for you tomorrow! The girls are chomping at the bit to get out!

Have a super day!!!


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