Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Do not panic! That's what I texted to M when she sent me a text that the Turkish Airlines computer system was down, and she was stuck in a small coastal town at night. She did NOT! Kudos to my kid for her level-headedness.

I'm a stress eater, and yesterday - I wanted to EAT ANYTHING. Thankfully, we don't have sweet treats in the house, so I had to settle for cucumbers and hummus! 

All that to say, that yesterday I felt panicked. This rarely happens; if you had looked at me, you couldn't tell. But TIME --- where is the time going? I need more time. So, I stressed around the house but accomplished things. Then DH came home, and we talked about our schedules, which is the day's topic EVERY DAY!

He reminded me that I am NOT flying to Winnipeg on Sunday but in ONE week. DUH!!!! I have ONE ENTIRE week when I'm home between this trip and the next. I can't believe I missed that. 

So my world is happy again! And I'm good! Phew - as I had visions of writing through the night to meet deadlines and sewing while walking the dogs, the brain goes crazy when you panic, which is why I usually don't. 

But my brain was definitely out to lunch yesterday. I had received a cheque from a company, so it had that tear-off thing attached to it. I grabbed the cheque, tore off the bottom, and put everything in my tote bag, and I was off to the bank. 

I arrived at the bank to see a long line as I could not deposit a US $ cheque in the bank machine. Crap -- do I wait or come back? I have 90 days to deposit the cheque, so I decided to return another day. This was a good thing because when I got home, I spotted the cheque on the kitchen table and had the tear-off portion with me. 

The cheque on the kitchen table

That should have been my first clue to sit down and breathe! I did have a chuckle, and that long line at the bank was there for me! I didn't get embarrassed, and I didn't waste time. 

Don't worry -- I had a cup of tea and had several moments during the day where I sat down and did nothing! I need those moments to keep my head above water. 

 And there are always the two girls for entertainment. At one point, they were in the backyard and up to no good. What were they contemplating here? 

SHHH! Don't tell MOM

I did a lot of sewing, but never as much as I would have liked. But things got accomplished, and I think all the sewing is done in preparation for the weekend classes. There are four of them! As I was sewing, I needed to tidy a bit, and I HATE the accessory pouch that comes with the embroidery machines. It's temporary, anyway, as there is an accessory tray, which I never use, so I found a decorative tin. 

Decorative tin

And now all the accessories are in there and easy to find. 

Accessories are in the tin

I think I knew this, but did you? 

Hmmm -- Google just gets bigger

I wasn't so stressed that I did a bit of retail therapy. NO -- I did not and will never buy when under stress. I just browsed and tried to figure out which new Fitbit I'll get when mine finally dies. It's hard to choose even with comparison charts, so I didn't go further than that. 

Speaking of Google, have you ever noticed how aggressive Microsoft is to get you to switch from Google to their Bing search engine? I wish we could turn off all those notifications, and I'm sure there is a way. But I don't want Bitdefender or other things I keep getting popups for. I'm happy with the way things are! 

And even with all the chaos, I got a customer quilt done. Even under stress, I'm a cool cucumber and get work done. My brain just isn't happy. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I have a few more quilts to get done this year, and I should, in fact, make that happen. It would be good to schedule a spa day for my long arm. It really needs some maintenance - new leaders to add, the screws put back into the housing so it's not tied together with string, and several other things. If I don't schedule it - it won't happen. OK -- I scheduled it; now, let's hope I honor that!

I have a few other days that I need to schedule, and right now - that escapes me. I think it was because of cleaning up Studio B -- I'll get it figured out. 

If you've always wished to go to a quilt retreat but have not had an opportunity, send me an e-mail. I think I'm going to have a few spaces open this year.  Put the word "retreat" in the subject. We have so much fun at them, but doing four (OK -- six in total) in one year is a lot for some. The retreats are at Retreat at the Farm in Shelbourne and Springhouse Retreat in New Hamburg. 

On that note, I've got a long drive ahead this morning, and I still have to pack the car! Everything is at the door but needs to be put in the car. 

Have a super day!!!


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