Tuesday, November 21, 2023

There is a thief in the house

YES -- when things go missing, I know who to blame and all I can say is she is NOT good at hiding the evidence! 

It was so nice to have a day to do what I want! And I even did a bit of reorganizing, although not as much as I would have liked, however, as usual, any progress in getting the mess cleaned up is progress. 

I DO NOT work on one project at a time. It has never been my thing and it will never be. This is the state of my design walls at the moment. On the top left, is the top part of my Barn Star Sampler, which is completely together. That quilt is HUGE and the rest of it is somewhere else which you'll see in a minute. 

Beneath that are the two Cabin in the Woods that I started years ago. You'll see my update on those tomorrow as well as what someone else did with their Cabin in the Woods. And the quilt on the right - well, that one is almost finished and I want it done! 

The state of the permanent design wall

Here's the second design wall - this is my portable one and I'm in the process of sewing the Barn Star Sampler together in sections and then I can join it to the section on the other wall. I was missing one block that I somehow didn't cut, but it was a pinwheel, so no big deal. But when I went to sew the two blocks left from this month's homework, I couldn't find the pieces for the second block. I was SURE I had cut them. 

The rest of the Barn Star Sampler quilt

Well, when I went looking for my camera in the bags that were on the floor -- guess what I found? Yep -- the pieces for that block. I had put them in my bag to use as a sample for my DESIGNER EPIC 3 demonstrations. Shoot -- well, I now have an extra block! 

Here's an update on the flannel star quilt. This was made from the leftovers of flannel squares that I cut to make another quilt. YES -- I got a little too slap happy on the cutting. I have taken this quilt to several retreats and now it's time to get it done. The final column is sewn in one piece and all that remains is to make that long seam. All the intersections are twirled on teh back to make it lie flat!

One seam left on the flannel quilt

It's a good thing that Diane never used up all the flannel because I went into the pile that is designated to make community project quilts and I found a blue for the binding. And the flannel backing was supposed to be used for the braid quilt, but wasn't quite large enough. It fits this one perfectly. Don't you love how that happens that I randomly pull both those quilts out at the same time and find that what does not work for one, works with the other? Serendipity!

The binding and the backing

I'm still trimming those little half square triangles from the Barn Star Sampler and I still have quite a stack to go. Some of the group have kept theirs as well and want ideas, so I've pulled out what I've done with those little guys and will share with them. Then I'll share with you. 

Trimming half square triangles

I was a bit dismayed when I went through the boxes for Cabin in the Woods. I found a large piece of ultrasuede, but look at it!!! It is quite possible that that happened at my house, but I don't have bright lights in the basement or I should say direct sunlight. In looking at other blocks and fabric in the box, this project must have sat on the floor for quite a while as there were bits covered in dust and lint. Those days are GONE! But I can always use the other side of this. It's possible I bought it like this. 

Bleached out ultrasuede

And what about that thief? I was having lunch the other day and of course, the girls are hanging around and Murphy wants to play ball. I got up to get the ball and to my surprise, I spotted this on the floor beside my chair. 

What's this? An errant ball of yarn?

WAIT A MINUTE -- that's a ball of yarn from Studio B. How did it get upstairs? 

Murphy? Did you do that? 

MOM -- I didn't! I swear - I'm innocent! Lexi did it! 

Murphy - you know better than to lie. Lexi NEVER goes downstairs!

MOM -- it was a mistake - I can explain!

When I went to read in the living room that evening, I sat down and then looked down and what did I see? 

More evidence of the theft

Yep -- that's the label from the yarn. The yarn appears to be UNDAMAGED. Where did she steal it from? This is where it normally resides -- it wasn't even on the floor - it was on a table! That little thief!!!

Where the yarn came from

As part of my tidying yesterday, all the yarn has been returned to its place and hopefully, the kleptomanica can keep her paws to herself! Why was she attracted to that ball? She has TWO toyboxes full of stuff to play with. 

Lexi is pretty MAD because DH starting putting the ottoman back on the sofa and now she sleeps on the floor. I guess she wants me to wash her blanket on the couch? But she sleeps in the dog bed or her kennel, which is technically where she is supposed to sleep. 

MOM -- there's a thing on the sofa - I can't sleep!

Her ears are back. I'm not sure if that's because she is mad or she hates getting her picture taken! 

MOM -- I'm MAD

Yep -- I thought she was getting a bit too entitled so the ottoman is back on the sofa. However, when DH was sitting on the ottoman the other day, he turned to find that she had snuck up on the couch behind him. Oh Lexi!!!

Well, I have loads more to share, but running out of time! I have one Zoom for software this morning and then I must hit the computer as the deadline for that is fast approaching. I might try and get some more sewing in later this afternoon. 

Have a super day!!!


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