Thursday, January 18, 2024

Dealing with the cold

 I had a productive day yesterday, but I didn't get as much done as I needed. I've been getting loads of sleep these days, but after dinner, I - well, I went to sleep in my comfy chair, and several hours later, I woke up and went to bed! I call it the hibernation factor. It's cold outside, and we want to sleep away the cold! 

I also went to spin class in the morning, and I'm always more tired on those days. But all is good, and I had a great sleep. Hmmm --- could drinking lots of water every day be a factor in my sleep? It's working for me; I'll stick to that! Plus, I'm trying to relax more during the day, read more, and chill -- well, it doesn't matter why I'm sleeping better; I'll take the good nights of sleep. 

Speaking of cold, this is Miss Lexi's weather! She's happy to lie on the back deck and watch the world go by. She doesn't stay out forever - the snow is NOT deep enough for her to dig a place to sleep and stay warm. 

Miss Lexi enjoying the cold

The girls got at least a half-hour walk each and had zero issues with it. No lifted paws - just one incident with salt for Murphy. 

Miss Lexi enjoying her walk

Being out in that weather - it was minus 25 with the wind chill is all about layers. I put my fleece-lined jeans on top of the ones I was wearing. I layered my raincoat over my down sweater. And my hands were toasty warm with the dollar store gloves inside the double fleece mittens. 

The problem with wearing only one jacket is that if you start to get hot, what will you do? Yep, I was sweating in all that gear at some point, but not a lot. But if I continued, I could easily open a jacket to get some ventilation! 

However, I had to laugh later when I went to the mall. The students from the two high schools were on their way home. And while I was happy to see many of them walking, what they were or were not wearing was frightening. The sun was out, but the wind was bitter, and it was about minus 18 with the wind chill. Some of them had SWEATSHIRTS on, and that was it! I saw sweatshirts with a vest, and I saw kids wearing winter jackets that were wide open and exposed midriff on the girls. 

OK -- so those kids are tougher than I am! I was in ONE layer for the afternoon walk but wasn't keeping my jacket open! It's crazy, but they didn't seem to mind, and if it works for them -- go for it. At least they were walking and not getting a ride. 

I'm sorry to post so many dog pictures, but these girls and the guy are so adorable. I bought Bear a set of steps to get into the big dog bed. He learned how to climb them but wasn't a fan because they were slippery and noisy. Well, guess what I found when I went to throw the box out? Yep -- FELT PADS for all the steps. OK -- Little Bear is much happier now. 

GRANDMA -- thanks for the felt pads!

I moved the steps to the front of the bed rather than the side, so hopefully, he remembers them. He's so excited he forgets to go to the side to get up. Now that he likes the felt pads, I think he will go there alone without us reminding him! Seriously, is this not adorable? Look, Little Bear's paws are even on that top step!!! 

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And he's trying to get in with Lexi. She went out, and he had to follow. 

Bear likes ALL dogs

In the summertime, we leave the backdoor open so the dogs can go in and out. This freedom becomes an issue in the winter when the door is closed. And it would NOT make sense for them all to go out and come back in at the same time. Nope --- so when they go out, I'm up and down at least SIX times to get them all out and all back in again. I swear it's great for steps, but it's hard to get anything done! But they are cute, so they are worth it! 

I went to the mall to get my prescription. A PRESCRIPTION -- that is HUGE -- I don't have prescriptions! I was told to stop taking Calcium -- fat help that was! And to take Vitamin D - I have some, but I take it sporadically. Now I have a prescription for some other bone density thing. I take it once a week. If that doesn't help, then we look at option B - which might be an injection, as Tammy mentioned. I also got a cream for a mark on my face that could be something fungal??? That sounds gross, but it feels better today. OK -- you do NOT want to Google images of fungal skin issues. Mine is MILD compared to what I saw! 

This is the big ball at the mall! It's pretty, but gosh -- how do they keep it clean, and what about all the heat that goes up into that thing? The Christmas tree is packed up for this year! 

The mall ball!

I tidied a bit more of the stuff on the floor of Studio B, and here's one more quilt top that Diane made. I must finish this writing assignment before I can focus on anything else. I'm hoping by Saturday night! But it's going to be more like Sunday night. Then, I need to get back to quilting, sewing, and decluttering again. 

Community project quilt

So something strange happened yesterday. I went for that walk in the morning with the dogs. I have a leaky sinus in the cold, but it's no big deal. But when I got back to the house, both sinuses started having issues, and I was leaking like a sieve. You would think I had a massive cold. So I used a bit of nasal spray because, by this time, my nose was red and raw. I had to pop an allergy pill as well before things settled down. Now, what was that all about? Let's see what happens today. 

Speaking of the daily crap that accumulates in your house, I need to deal with this. Or finish dealing with it. Some of it got put away, and some did not. But if you don't keep on top of this stuff almost daily, you'll end up with a HUGE mess. Things get lost (that happens to me), and it takes so long to find them again. I'm trying hard to be on top of things, especially things I know I'll need later. 

The accumulation of stuff from yesterday

And how about this in the middle of winter? I checked my little plant, and it's growing like mad! I gave it more water and had to turn it as it was reaching out to the sun! No idea what it is, but we'll wait and see. I guess the other two seeds won't germinate. 

A little green in winter

I see it's warmer this morning. A windchill of only minus 12, so there is no need for doubling up the layers this morning except for the hands! 

Well, I'm off to deal with the girls and a boy who all want walks and to be fed. Then, do at least a fifteen-minute clean-up of accumulated stuff in the kitchen and return to the computer and the sewing machine. Heads down, focus today, as I want to complete three of five writing assignments! Oops, I forgot that I have a massage. OK -- there goes the schedule!

On that note - - have a super day!



  1. I enjoy the pictures of the girls and boy, they are cute.

    1. Thanks --- they are such a big part of my day, it's hard not to blog about them!

  2. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻January 19, 2024 at 6:58 AM

    I enjoy your pictures of the dogs and Little Bear is just so adorable! I know you will miss him terribly when he heads home. Glad you found the pads for his steps. I wonder if the girls think he’s a puppy.

    1. Home? He is home! Oh gosh -- you are right. He will go home eventually, but in the meantime, he's mine for a couple more months! I wonder what the girls make of him. A nuisance? especially with some of his YAPPING. And he's so little, they literally run him down in an "emergency," like feeding time. Well, Murphy at least. But so much fun!!