Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The red car society!

OH, OH, OH -- I see more book recommendations. I've added a few to the list but will review the rest of the comments tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for that --- it's fun to read, and expanding the genres I read has been one of the best things. It just goes to say that we can learn from others. 

I can't remember what I said about the quilt history story, but I will research it more, so you'll have to wait for that. 

In light of that research, I'm appealing to someone on the last Virtual Retreat call. Someone mentioned a podcast that I swear Latifah Saafir was part of. I believe there were four people interviewed on that podcast. I should have paid more attention to the name but didn't. So, if you were the one who mentioned it, please send me a comment or a note about the podcast title. Thanks in advance for that. 

I've tried to Google it, but Latifah has been in many podcasts, and I want this specific one. 

OK -- so, what the heck is happening to my email? I know certain people are on my distribution lists, but they have searched their email and CANNOT find mine. What's with that? I know a few of you emailed me yesterday, and when I'm home (yes -- I'm away this morning), I'll double-check and get everything organized. 

This has definitely been a nightmare, to be sure. But I think I'm down to about 5 people I still need to connect with - maybe their email changed, and I'm working with the old ones. I'll get it together. 

So bear with me, and thanks for your patience as I work through the issues. 

So yes --- I'm not home! I've snuck away for a mini-retreat. It's not a quilting retreat but a journal-making retreat, and OH, what fun we are having. 

It could have been a better day to travel since it was the first icky weather for travel with snow and rain. But -- we are Canadians, and it was NOT a blizzard, so it really wasn't that bad. It wasn't the weather that delayed our trip -- it was a significant accident on the 401 that delayed us by 40 minutes. I know - a 40-minute delay on a journey that is only 60 minutes. We detoured while several others got stuck on the highway, and it took them 60 minutes to go 3 km. 

People -- I get that accidents happen, but PLEASE pay attention to the road, the weather, and the distance between you and the next car. Slow down, winter tires, and all that good stuff. It just made a mess of everyone's travel day! 

But there was REALLY good news for the day! We figured out how to access the radio in the car!

Yep -- someone had told me what to do, but I couldn't figure it out when I tried it by myself. But, when I was talking myself through it with someone else in the car, there was the answer. And honestly, it couldn't have been more simple. 

There were TWO options on the screen -- RADIO or PHONE. I missed that the first time. I should take a picture because it's pretty big, and there's nothing else on the screen. Well, it doesn't matter -- it works!!! That only took six weeks to figure out! 

I think I have one other thing to figure out, and then I'm good. I need to dim the navigation screen for night driving, and I found the setting. I swear I've set it, but it doesn't seem to work. I'll try it again later today. 

So there are five cars -- OK -- let me rephrase that -- five SUVs at the retreat, and four of the five are red. Now, with almost ALL cars on the road these days being white, grey, or black -- what are the chances of that? The fifth car is green, so we're feeling quite festive!!! Are people who do not buy a white, grey, or black car more creative than the others? I think so! 

The red SUV parking lot

So -- here we are at Springhouse Retreat, and this morning, it's warm - 3 degrees, but I can hear the wind whistling around the house! 

We are all in love with this retreat house, and what will we do if they are ever close because, inevitably, they will. But lets hope, not for a very long time! 

Journal making!!

So, in a room generally covered with fabric and sewing machines, it's now covered (and I mean covered) with paints, dyes, paper, and MANY mixed media stuff. I'm so excited by the entire process. Even if I'm not the best student. WAIT -- you could misconstrue that sentence above. The tables are filled with containers of paint and dye -- we have NOT split a drop on any surfaces! 

I brought lots of goodies from that suitcase and incorporated a few of them into my journal. 

My workstation

I did bring my sewing machine, so we have two machines, as we're doing a lot of stitching on the paper. I got carried away and did a lot of stitching. But what fun!!!!

Stitching my journal cover together

The journals we're making are called junk journals, but made with various types of paper, laces, and well -- it's hard to describe, but there is lots of stuff that goes into one of these journals. And it's incredible how just a little bit of paint can turn the whole thing into something gorgeous. 

The edges of my journal cover

I've tinted the edges of my book, so I left it to dry overnight, and today, we get to do something else! I can't wait to get started. 

Then we did something different last night; we all sat around and talked!!! Yep --- we didn't watch TV or play games. We actually talked to EACH OTHER - face to face! How cool is that? It was awesome to be together and just chat. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening almost as much as the journal-making in the day! 

That's what makes any kind of retreat so much fun!!!

It was garbage day in my neighborhood, so while I was walking the girls and a boy in the morning, I spotted this at the end of my street. So many people have this kind of sideboard in their house. They are so NOT wanted by anyone, and this is what happens to them. They sit on the side of the street, and the garbage truck comes by and picks them up!

I don't know that anyone would want this sideboard, but someone could have used the base as a dresser. And I see another neighbor of mine who left a dresser out. I'm sure those items could be used for people arriving from another country who have nothing. I could be wrong about that. But try to sell this stuff? No one wants to buy it!

Sideboard out for garbage pickup

It was fun this time at the retreat as we each got our own room -- no sharing! That doesn't happen very often, but I'm OK with it. I was toasty warm by myself in the basement! 

As usual, I'm up early, and well, I'm not sure I will walk today as the roads are probably wet, and I need BOOTS, which I didn't bring. I need new rain boots as the heel is split on my current pair, and I think my other Merrel boots are now too small. Time to cull the boots and get something that fits properly. 

On that note, I'm out of here. I have some emails that NEED to be answered today. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Ah yes, outdated huge wood furniture. I inherited a rare 1940 Mahogany dining room from my parents. 15y ago it valued at $12,000. Last spring I tried to sell if for a fraction of that. Nope. So I sold it to a thrift furniture shop that focuses on helping refugee families setup households. $375. That sideboard was my bedroom dresser when I was a kid, as you said.

    Lovely retreat :-)

    1. WOW --- that's insane! I know a couple of people who are hanging onto their parents furniture because it's "valuable", and perhaps it is, but to whom?

  2. It’s so difficult to get rid of unwanted, useable furniture. The thrift stores no longer take furniture, and if you are able to find a place that helps set up refugees or new arrivals to the country, they are limited in what they take, and often you need to deliver. Such a shame, when much of it is still quite good. And what are we doing to our landfills!!

    1. Yes -- our landfills are filled with useable furniture. It's sad, but what are we going to do? Unless we change the marketing companys drive that we need NEW all the time, the issue will continue.

  3. We got slowed down by a big 401 accident between Cambridge and Kitchener on Sunday night, no weather to blame it on at the time. Took 30min to drive 3km before we could get off.

    1. Yes -- that area is crazy!!! Well, all areas are crazy -- people just don't follow good driving habits and then it screws up the rest of our schedules! Have a great day!!

  4. We are in the Primer Grey (not what the car company calls it but what it is) Car colour category, not because we wanted that colour but because that was the only colour we could get without waiting a year which we couldn’t wait.

    1. LOL --- I get it -- people were happy to get a car -- regardless of the color!!! I"m amazed at how many people choose white, black or grey, even if there were colored ones on the lot. I've always gone for a color with my car. Weird! But a car is to get from A to B, so technically the color doesn't matter!