Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Mitered corners

Wow -- I'm not sure if I should be happy or not. I'm working on my 365-Day quilt that I started in 2016. I was working on the February blocks at the January 2023 retreat. This retreat? I'm working on the March blocks! If I continue this way, completing this quilt will take another NINE years. 

I thought it might be a good project to use as enders and leaders, EXCEPT the FOUR blocks I worked on yesterday all had miters in them. In total, I made 28 mitered corners on teeny tiny blocks! I'm not afraid of miters!

Here's one of the blocks I worked on - I guess I didn't take pictures of the other two blocks with miters, so you have to take my word for it. 

SIXTEEN mitered corners in one 6 1/2" block

I didn't bring the tool I use to mark the corners and no fancy machine, so I had to mark the intersections manually on all of them. 

Marking the intersections

I must say it's been a LONG time since I've had time to sew slowly, methodically, and well?? I LOVE it. I don't mind the tediousness of the process. There are many conversations to keep me entertained, so I'm good. 

I brought 17 blocks ready to sew and plan to finish them before I go home. My Many Blocks groups will be quite excited. Heck -- I'm excited!! I checked ahead, and the remaining blocks are nowhere near as complicated as these ones were, so I should be able to use them as enders and leaders. 

And if I do at least 3 or 4 a day, I should finish them all!! Then, I get to cut the April blocks during Monday sewing! 

I also finished all the work I could for Cabin in the Woods - my UFO project. I have the water border done. That was all free-hand curved piecing. Super easy to do. 

The water border for Cabin in the Woods

And there are the four (not eight) log cabin blocks. So once I'm back home, it'll be time to regroup, cut those extra blocks, and sew them together. Then a bit of applique and my homework for this month should be done. 

Log cabin blocks for Cabin in the Woods

My goal is to try and avoid doing anything at the last minute, which we all know is not good. 

OH -- here's the fourth block I did for the 365-day challenge. This one did NOT have miters on it. 

The fourth block for the 365-day challenge

I had brought some knitting, and I'm not sure I'll get to it, but I brought it for show and tell because someone is working on the same project. Imagine my surprise when I emptied the bag and found this!!

My lost darning egg!

My darning egg!! I knew I had one, but where was the darn thing? This is the SECOND "lost" item I found in that bag.

And I found a very cute project in the bag, in addition to the main project. So having a home for things and putting them away is good, but one must remember where those homes are!!

I should have checked this bag for the egg as all my knitting (yarn) needles are in a tin in this bag. It doesn't matter - that's a couple more things off the "lost" list. I still think having a list of lost items would be good because the joy of finding them could be doubled by crossing them off a list!

I had a Zoom with someone who wants to walk the Camino this year, and now I'm all excited - I NEED to go back and finish that walk. It's on the schedule for the year, but not for a bit. Then, after lunch, we all went shopping at Creekbank Sewing. I love their new location, and I bought some stabilizers. 

I'm sleeping well, although I had a dream last night of my car (not sure what car - just a car) being shot at. Yes - as in bullets! Where the heck did that come from? 

And remember to check out the QUILTsocial blog today, where I explore more of the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 3. 

Helen, Anne, and I walked yesterday. There was a bit of wind, but nothing bad, and it was quite pleasant. Stand tall, and there are no issues. Slack off, and the pain comes back, so you can guess how tall I am when walking these days! That's a better incentive than a brace or anything else! 

I pulled one project last night and made progress until I decided to add a neutral border to it. So, there will be another trip back to Creekbank this morning. I pulled out the next quilt, which is a bit weird. There were strip sets already made for the quilt, but it's obvious that I've cut from these strip sets. But did I already make the quilt? I certainly do NOT remember making the quilt. I have no background, so I've added that to the list of things to buy today, as I'm sure I don't have anything at home. 

Yep -- it's all about getting things done! I brought enough to keep me busy for the week, but there are NO extra projects. Well, there's a bag of scraps to make improv blocks, which will keep me busy for days, so I won't run out of stuff to sew!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I have some emails to look at. 

Have a great day!!


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  1. I did the 365 quilt in 2017, that was my first miter blocks, I was very proud of the first one. So over it by the end of the week, but I can do miter blocks now and have no fear of them due to all those tiny blocks with multiple miters.