Thursday, February 1, 2024

Cut, not labeled!

And the progress continues! I get a chuckle at how much we think we can do in a day and how much we actually get done! Now that the miters on the 365-day quilt are done, at least for the moment, I had visions of using the remaining blocks as enders and leaders as I plowed through a quilt top that was totally cut out. 

Yes -- the pieces are cut out but NOT labeled, which is typical of ME! 

The background is cut but not labeled

This is not a quilt with the same block repeated over and over. It's a one-block quilt with different colors and sizes of pieces, and one must sort them out. The half-square triangles were all made, but they are not labeled. But I have a LEGEND to help me determine which fabric is which!

More components and the legend

And, of course, I'm trying to twirl the seams as best I can, but working on all those individual sections - that becomes a big challenge. So far, so good. 

For whatever reason, I decided to start with the last section, which was probably good because it was the worst one. 

One section of the quilt

Do you have any idea what it represents??? I'm not going to tell you - you have to guess, and NO  ONE at the retreat can comment since they know what it is. 

Here's another section that I completed last night. 

One more section of the quilt

However, this morning, when I was trying to find a 4 1/2" square of the background (blue), I discovered that I had made a mistake. So, I had to replace the center, and this is what the unit should look like. And NO -- that white on the top right is NOT a mistake. 

The second section - take two!

And I got FOUR blocks done for the 365-day quilt. I made them as enders and leaders, and that worked very well. KUDOS to anyone who has made this quilt because it's a crazy quilt, and I'll be glad to see the end of it. I love the quilt, so I won't give up, but I'd sure like to put the fabrics away. 

One block for the 365-day quilt
An EASY block

I got lucky and got a log cabin and courthouse steps blocks, which should be super easy, right? Well, it appeared that I made a mistake in cutting the log cabin. So I managed to get a scrap from someone here and got the log cabin done. 

However, when I picked up the piece I thought was cut wrong, look what I found! It had a fold in it, so I thought it was shorter than it was supposed to be, but in fact, it was the correct size. DUH!!!!

The missing length was on the back!

I had a little laugh over that! How silly can one person be! And here's the log cabin -- you can't tell which piece I had to scrounge. 

The log cabin block - DONE

And I completed one more, which I need to trim this morning. That makes eight blocks done, leaving ten to go. I aim to use them as enders and leaders for this retreat, which would bring me up to the end of March. That should be doable!

A while back, during a retreat, we discussed what should go in the toolbox for the retreat. We did a great job, as I haven't missed anything yet. Only some specialty things that are very project-dependent - like the tool to mark the corners for the miters. But I had a straight edge and a pencil, so it did the same thing. 

BUT -- I MUST change my seam ripper. For some reason, I have one of those small ones that you get when you buy a sewing machine, or it comes in the giveaway packages, and those little ones SUCK!!! I've had to use this little one, and I hate it. So that must be changed for the next time. I've borrowed one from time to time if the job was major. 

Two-seam rippers

The top one is the cheap one, and while there's not really a difference between the two concerning the size of the cutter, it's the handle. It's so hard to hold in your hand! Plus, the tip feels clunky even though it doesn't look larger than the higher-quality one. It could be dull, but I doubt that since I rarely use this one. 

I popped out in the morning to return to Creekbank to get fabric for two quilts. I have yet to start to work on them as I want to finish this one first. But on the way back, I stopped and took this photo of a barn quilt. 

Barn quilt

While I like ALL the retreats I've been on, and there have been many, this one is amazing. Everything is calm; conversations are great, and I'm making new friends. I'm much more relaxed as well, and I will be sad to see Sunday come. BUT - we don't worry about that as we're enjoying every moment!!!

My headphones died this morning, and I still have 6 hours of audiobook. I can listen directly on the phone, but it's better with headphones when you're sewing - I listen to the audiobook in the morning before anyone gets up. I don't hear much without the headphones, so I will try to find a charger. Someone has to have a charger for that plug!!!

Here's the link for QUILTsocial today. There are so many features; yes, I've missed that projection system while I'm here. I had to mark everything with a pencil and ruler. While it didn't kill me, it would have been so much faster with the projection! 

It's time to go - I have loads on the agenda today, and I want to complete that quilt - TODAY. OH, I'm keeping up with the walking and did over 10 km yesterday, so I'm not letting that slide, although the gravel road we walk on is a tad muddy!!

Have a super day!



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  1. The second section looks like an eye behind a glasses frame to me….but that would be huge.