Thursday, February 29, 2024

Life in TANDEM

While I don't have a lot to show for what happened yesterday, I did get stuff done! That seems to happen a lot these days! I have two classes to prep for this weekend, and I'm at a local store teaching all day, so my time has been spent prepping for that. 

For the life of me, I cannot find ONE sample that I'd really like to have today. What the heck could I have done with it? Sigh!! The store might have the same sample, so I'm HOPING! 

Yesterday was all about the weather - it was the most bizarre day I've seen in a long time. When I walked Bear, I had my winter jacket on. Not that I needed it, but sometimes, the first walk of the day is damp. I need to get warmed up! When walking Murphy, the jacket was open - no hat, scarf, or mitts. And I was warm. So when I went out with Lexi, I only had my sweatshirt on and had to take it off! Yep -- that's the kind of day it was. 

Walking in a T-shirt 

When I went out for an appointment at 12:30, the temperature was already dropping significantly, and when I got home at 1:30, it was definitely time to dig out the jacket again. When I went to the grocery store around 2:30, it was time for a scarf and mitts, and it was crazy windy!!!

DH was flying home yesterday, and after TWO aborted take-offs because of mechanical issues? They were airborne. They had been warned that it would be a bumpy flight, and it was. The landing wasn't so pretty either. Thank goodness I wasn't on that flight. I'm uncomfortable with turbulence! 

We've discussed the color of cars before, and most of the vehicles on the market are black, grey, or white. I'd say the next most popular is red, and there are various shades of red! Then blue, a few greens here and there, but what about this one? You won't miss this in the parking lot. It's a Tesla, and well, that would NOT be my car and would not be my color! Perhaps if you have a car like this - no one will steal it. Are people stealing Teslas? 

Hard to miss this car!

Look at this tree I spotted along my walk yesterday. 

A silver-tipped tree

It doesn't show up well in the photo, but it was silver-tipped, and I thought, "No -- it can't be!" But it was!!! Pussy willows about to bloom on February 28? 

Pussy willow buds

I always get a lot of entertainment from watching the girls and a boy, and yesterday was no exception. I'm not sure who copied whom, but these two were inseparable yesterday. 

Drinking water together

They don't have a favorite side, but Little Bear needs to be doing the same thing that Murphy does, or is it Murphy has to do what Bear does? 

I'll help you look for that missing ball

Here they were, waiting for DH to arrive home. 

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood

Lexi tried to keep away from them and really does her own thing. Can you spot the three of them? DH was finally home, and they could relax while we worked on the EXIT game puzzle. Easy peasy!!!! We're now on Day 16 (of 24). He's away often for dinner, so it's hard to get to it every night, and I've been tempted the last couple of days, but I waited!!!

A THREE-dog night

How true is this quote? I love having choices, but too many of them? It becomes a burden. And people are afraid to make decisions, so the fewer choices, the easier it is for them. Pick one and MOVE ON!!!

This came up in my memories last night. How cute -- someone's husband (not mine) made this for his wife. His hobby is model railroads. Very cool!!!

Elaine's Quilt Shop

Well, I'm off to take one more look for that darn missing sample! Where the heck could I have put it? It's probably sticking to something else, and I'm missing it!!!!

Have a super day!! 


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