Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Just SAY IT!!

While I accomplished a lot yesterday, I have nothing to show for it! I was in the car most of the afternoon and on a call in the morning! However, I managed to cross several things off my list! Yeah! I hate those kind of days, but every once in a while, they need to be done. 

I have to say that I LOVE the navigation system in the car. Actually, LOVE is not strong enough. It is so easy to use compared to the other vehicle! Well, there is NO comparison. 

I have Android Car Play, which I love. The old way of finding an address was to physically type in the name of the place or the address. That's SO OLD SCHOOL. 

See the little microphone near the bottom of that list? Touch that button and ask for "Best Buy" or whatever you want. A list pops up, and you simply select the one you want. 

The navigation system in the car

It'll add a stop to your current route, and it's all hands-free except for the touch to the microphone. You can also use the microphone button on the steering wheel. This is the BEST!!! I can't describe the agony of my other car without the Android Car Play. Do I have any regrets about selling it? NONE!! 

I've never had an issue where the car didn't understand me, and I clearly enunciated the words. There is ZERO need to actually type in a name. Just say it! 

I'm doing a Facebook Live next week - Quilting with your Serger!!! It'll be on the Husqvarna Viking North America Facebook Page. It required a few extra pieces of equipment and another camera, which I wanted to get anyway. Now, I must figure out how to connect all the bits to make it work. 

A switch box for my cameras

It all looks pretty technical, including the cables! There are so many cables! The "free" work table looks like a disaster. I'll be down there later today to try to put some order to that. 

A wee bit of a mess

The Facebook Live is on February 21 at 3 PM EST, so be sure to tune in. I'm sure it'll be entertaining!

I needed to get one more cable on my way home from picking up some thread. I should have gone to a BIG Best Buy but thought I'd stop at a mall. Well, that was a total waste of time, and it was a mall I hadn't been to in a long time. I didn't recognize a thing - even the outside was different. 

They have these HUGE touchscreen directories. Whatever you typed in wasn't private, as this screen is taller than I am, and a giant map shows directions to your location. Let's just say that I typed in the store again every time I saw one. I'm not always the best with directions in a small space. 

The directories at the mall

I entered through Indigo (book store) and thought I'd browse the magazines. WOW -- there is practically NOTHING left. I barely spotted the section! 

Magazines at Indigo

The second section

But we all know that they will eventually die - everything is going online. 

I also spotted this sign in the bookstore. OH MY GOD -- I didn't get a chance to read it all yesterday, but check out NUMBER THREE!!!!

We should NOT even have to write that, but we do. Why? Well, we are NOT teaching our kids how to fail when they are little. Playing board games, for instance, teaches us that it's OK to lose - and to lose gracefully. Having everything laid out for us means we don't need to make choices; having kits, plans, and agendas means we never have to make a mistake, so we don't learn to deal with the fear of making one. I could go on and on, but WOW -- that's an eye-opener. 

It's like our society is creating fears, and then someone comes up with solutions to these fears that should never exist in the first place. What would our ancestors think if they saw how fearful society has become. They faced failure every day! They were much stronger than we are! 

And I spotted some journals. I opened one up and was surprised (well, not as I've seen this before) to see questions that you could answer. There isn't even freedom to write about what you want - you must answer questions. I guess that is to combat the fear of a blank page. 

Questions to answer in a journal

There's just way too much hand-holding in this world. Everything is laid out for us, so we don't have to think. And if things go awry, guess what? STRESS and our world is NOT equipped to handle so much stress. It's a catch-22. Our convenience-driven world has freed up time, but instead of enjoying what we want, we are governed by companies that fill our time with time wasters. Anyway -- I won't go on about that. 

If you're new to quilting and want to improve your basic skills, I'm running a demo on 1/4" seam, pressing, and cutting at The Hobby Horse this weekend. If you're around, be sure to sign up - I have loads of tips to share, and it's INPERSON!!!! Ooops -- sorry -- the class is SOLD OUT! But call and get on a wait list as we can run it again! 

My computer is relatively slow this morning. I think it's time to reboot it! I'll do that before I start work this morning. 

I got a notification with my walking mileage from January that is tracked by The Conqueror. I'm right on target. That's 383 km in one month, and if I continue on that path, I'll walk 4,590 miles this year. My goal is 4,500. 

My walking summary for January

Yesterday, after returning from my errands, I felt guilty that I hadn't yet had an afternoon walk. I wasn't guilty per se, but it's part of the routine. So I popped off to the post office to pick up a parcel. I had no idea what it was, and I was curious. The card had come in the mail the previous day, so imagine my disappointment when I arrived and there was no parcel. I'll go back today. 

On that note, I''m off to spin class. I learned a valuable lesson on Monday. I backed off the effort (27 KM instead of 30 KM), and my legs felt great. Last week, they were tired all week. I almost feel that I'm not doing anything at the lesser mileage, but if it makes me feel better for the remainder of the week, that's what I must do!!

Have a super day!!!


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