Sunday, February 18, 2024

EXIT Game excitement!

So this morning is Sunday - right? And what am I supposed to do on Sunday when I get up? I'm supposed to take a pill. I've been sitting at my computer for almost two hours and staring at the monitor. Right in front of the monitor is a pill bottle with an ORANGE sticky label on it - marked Sunday. I never saw it until I was ready to make breakfast. Sigh.................. I think I  need a reminder on my phone because otherwise, it will never happen. 

OK, I did it. I've set a weekly reminder for 5:05 AM (Sunday) to remind me to take the darn thing. At least, I remember the Vitamin D (except yesterday, as I see it's still sitting on the kitchen counter!)

Yesterday was a hybrid day, as I had a Zoom session in the morning and in-person in the afternoon! You get way more comments from the in-person events! But that's OK. I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in YEARS, so we chatted. It wasn't our fault that we drifted in different directions, and it would be nice to connect again. 

Here are the latest blocks I made for my Heartfelt Sampler. We are almost finished with this quilt, and I have ZERO desire to start a new class to replace it. Nope -- I'm done with overloading myself! 

Blocks from Heartfelt  Sampler

Eight-pointed Star

Old Maid's Puzzle

All the blocks are assigned, and I finish cutting my background! The strips are cut, and I now need to cut the squares. I want to put a quote on it like the original, but I'm stumped about what to put on it. I need to make that decision and FAST! There are so many amazing quotes - I want something short and sweet. I looked up FOUR-word quotes and found a couple I like. 

I LOVE the UFO participants. The day before class, there is a flurry of emails with their completed homework, although a few finish their homework way in advance! I rarely have to chase anyone down. So much work is getting finished with this group -- I'm thrilled with the results. I wish I could work a bit faster, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I was madly working last night as I listened to Harry Potter. 

And next weekend is an easy weekend for me. Two show and tell (I don't have to do anything) and the digital cutter, which will be a bit of work, but not much. But we also have the Virtual Retreat next weekend, so put that on your calendar. 

This was our tracks on the walk yesterday. That is me on the left and Little Bear on the right. His legs are so short that it's like he's plowing snow the entire way! But what a trooper - he lifted his paw twice so I could clean the snow off, and he walked almost the whole time. Towards the end, he was getting cold, so I picked him up and carried him home! 

A girl and her dog

Murphy is happy to report that she has chewed the entire end of her toy off! I'm not sure if she'll continue to chew on it, but let's see what happens. She's had a blast with it, and I might just have to buy another toy like it. I wonder why she picked this up when it's been sitting in the toy box for a long time? 

MOM -- the end is gone! I did it!

And then there were the three of them, sitting in their favorite spots. Lexi is on her end of the couch, and Murphy is in front of the fireplace, which wasn't on, but the pilot light still emits heat. And Little Bear in the middle. 

Two girls and a boy!

He was the one in charge of the remote! 

Hey Lexi and Murphy - what do you want to watch?

Back to the EXIT Game. Yep - at this rate, we'll be here for a long time, but I'm OK with that. There is ZERO rush to finish the darn thing, and I really like to mull over the clues if I don't get them the first time. I'd rather take a day or two to contemplate than look at the clue. This is a picture inside yesterday's "room," and when I was writing down the numbers, I goofed and wrote down three wrong numbers. So there I am with my phone, getting a better view of the "room." This time, I got different numbers. 

Checking out the latest puzzle

Imagine my surprise when we added them up, and the answer was correct! We look at each other like two little kids! I'm about to jump up and get super excited. Then I open the next door and crap -- back to square one, where we don't understand a thing! We're in the laundry room now and trying to figure out how to hang clothing items on a clothesline. It's one of those - "you have to be there" things to understand. 

I'm in total awe of the designers. How the heck do they come up with these puzzles? They are very well thought out, and I LOVE them. DH will be traveling a bit in the next few weeks, so our progress will be slow, but that's OK. I have a lot of reading and sewing to catch up on. 

On that note, I have to get moving to get the girls and the boy out for their walks so I can be ready for Zoom at 9 AM. It's going to be tight. There will be NO SNIFFING on the walk this morning! 

Have a great day!!


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  1. It makes me smile when you make reference to the girls and a boy. It reminds me of the tv show called 5 guys and a girl. Lol