Friday, February 9, 2024

Delete, delete, delete

A lot happened yesterday, so it was a very productive day. I decided to putter around with the files on the computer, and there's one thing I do not understand. There's much I need help understanding, but this one is weird. 

I have a folder where I put RANDOM items that didn't have a home. I've been going through that folder, which has MANY items, and I think almost everything I looked at was deleted. I'm not even close to going through that folder. That tells me something! And I've found many DUPLICATES of the same photos. Sigh...............

But after all that deleting, the storage on my computer actually DECREASED! 

I found not one but TWO backups for Outlook - both of them would have been better than the one that Microsoft restored for me, but neither was the one that should have been restored. I'm not going there. 

A backup file

One was dated 2017, and the other was dated 2021. 

From years ago! 

Look at the size of BOTH -- one was almost 10 GB, and the other was 6 GB. I should have seen some kind of improvement, but I did not. 

10 GB file! 

6 GB file

So I went into the recycle bin, gasped as I glanced at the list of files, and prayed that as I hit delete, I was doing the right thing. 

Just say YES

I look at it this way -- if I haven't used something in a while, I probably do not need it, nor will I miss it. So I hit DELETE and then YES. 

A major delete! 

I deleted many files - some of which had been sitting there for a while. I might have to reboot my computer to see any changes. But when I returned to that listing, I had LESS space than before, which just doesn't make sense. I need to hire someone for ONE hour who knows this stuff so they can explain how the storage and memory work so I can get on top of it. 

But it was good to get that much done, and there's much more to deal with. So I am dealing not only with email but also with all the files on the computer. Yep -- what fun!!! But it was time to clean the stuff up, so I'm not complaining, and I find it quite relaxing! Except when I don't see a positive change. 

As for syncing -- yes, I use multiple devices - -two computers, an iPad, and my phone and they all sync to my email account. But they all use the same account, so there should be no problem with duplication other than OneDrive backing up to my big computer. 

The weather is pretty nice these days, although we had fog yesterday morning. But reasonably mild for this time of year, and no snow and no ice on the sidewalks, which I love! Our pond is one giant bird bath; many birds were hanging out yesterday. 

I watched this cardinal for a long time, and I swear he got closer and closer to the edge of the rock so he could admire himself in the reflection! 

The pond is a birdbath

And he flew close to the house to shelter in the bushes outside the back door. 

Mr. Cardinal

But how the heck does one keep the bird feeders from getting wet and then freezing? I have tried numerous designs, but none seem to work well. So, I'm looking for tips on bird feeders or a specific design that is squirrel-proof and stays dry. Or tips on keeping it clean? 

This was my lunch and dinner companion for the last two meals. 

The 2022 EXIT Game Advent Calendar

This is the EXIT Game Advent Calendar from 2022. I had to use the clues to solve the first puzzle back in December 2022. I moved to day two and was totally stumped, so I put it away. I remembered how to solve clue one, so I let DH do that. Then I opened up day two, and a whole year later, with a few Exit Games under my belt, I was still stumped. 

DH is quick to give up! Not me - I often say that we need to sleep on it. Well, we did, and that didn't help. Then I sat and stared at it for two meals. I had tried MANY different codes, and none of them worked. Thoughts went left and right, but nothing concrete came. And then POOF --- I had the answer. I tried it, and it worked, so I let DH figure it out last night. I coached him a wee bit. If the going gets tough, don't throw in the towel -- the answer is there - you just have to wait for it to come! 

Then we moved on to the next clue, which we solved after a bit of discussion, and then I had my Zoom call, so that was it for the day. 

I was trying something different and attempted to do almost everything LIVE. Yikes -- that meant having to find the actual items, the accessories and tools, the sample stitchouts, and the samples. Then, I had to figure out how to get two sewing machines, the computer, and all the bits into one place where I could easily reach them. 

Prepping for the presentation

It was a bit chaotic, and I dropped stuff a couple of times, but it was a good practice run for my Facebook Live in a couple of weeks. 

As I finished with stuff, I put it on the floor, which was a total disaster. I thought it went well, but I need to try a couple different things with the camera. My head doesn't work too well around the camera and moving my hands left and right, so I've got to work on that. 

The chaotic mess once I was done!

And as I finished up the customer quilt of the day, I put everything away!! I couldn't leave it out as I will need the space later today, and it was pretty bad. Plus, starting the day with a clear space is nicer than facing a mess the minute you walk in. 

Speaking of customer quilts, here's the one I finished yesterday. It's so cute!!!

I have the next one on the long arm - another GIANT. I see a few waves in the border, but hopefully, it'll quilt up OK. I understand it's challenging to measure and pin borders on a big quilt, but I bet I could remove about 3 inches of excess fabric from each long border! But I'll make it work. 

So what have the girls and the boy been up to? Lexi was up to her usual antics in the forest. There are squirrels in those trees, and she wants them!

Hey SQUIRREL! I can see you!

Bear is happy to be able to get up into the bed by the front window on his own! When I left to walk Murphy yesterday, I looked in the window from outside, and LEXI was in the dog bed. That NEVER happens. Did Bear tell her not to be afraid? Did Bear coax her up there? 

Grandma -- I LOVE it here! 

And this was the situation at dinner. OK -- so I encouraged Murphy to sit there, but can you believe she can curl herself into a ball and fit in that dog bed? Yep -- she does! Of course, the Princess is too good to sit in a dog bed!

The girls and the boy

I've got loads on my plate for today - the most significant task is to prep the two presentations for tomorrow. I've made good progress on both, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Plus I have an article to write and to drop something at the post office. 

On that note, I'd better get moving as the girls and the boy will want their walk soon. 

Have a super day!!


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