Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The LOST day

Yesterday was a LOST day! I accomplished nothing, yet I did do TWO things. 

My passport expires near the end of June, and I've had a note in my calendar since January that I need to renew it. There was no urgency to getting it done, but I knew I would need it probably in April, so I had time. I had gotten pictures taken, and I worked on printing the darn application. 

My plans have changed, and I need the darn thing in March. Oh boy! I intended to mail the application in, and it would take 20 business days plus mailing time to be processed. But with the changed plans, that was cutting it tight. I may or may not have gotten it, and I didn't want to take a chance. 

With the new dates in mind, I browsed the list of offices and knew I had no choice but to go to an office where I could pick it up in person. That eliminated MOST of the offices since many do now allow for pick-ups. So, I was off yesterday to wait in line at the office near me. 

Before leaving the house at 9:30, I checked the wait time, which was 2 hours and 45 minutes. YIKES!!! The office closes at 4 PM. I took a book and some other stuff and wore my sweatshirt and sunglasses because it was a nice day. 

I envisioned arriving and sitting for 3 hours in a chair, and I could entertain myself. I stopped at Tim's, got a tea and a cookie, and had some chocolate in my bag. 

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the parking lot to see the line snaking OUTSIDE the mall. Oh boy - this does not look good. 

I parked and got in line, which was around a small jut in the building, so you couldn't even see the door. Then there was the security guard who gave us the speech! Stay in the line; applications must be filled out and a PRINTED copy (not on your device); you could be sent to the back of the line if you didn't meet the requirements; this office is ONLY for passports, etc. 

Even though we were in the shade, the temperature was OK, but I had NOT planned on standing outside in my sweatshirt. The line crept along, but we made it inside in under an hour! Then the line snaked along the hallway, and again, we got the lay of the land from the security guard. Stay to the side of the wall, don't block doorways, single file, etc. 

He spent much time policing the end of the line because people would walk along and then pop onto the back of the line. AH - EXCUSE ME -- the back of the line is outside!!! You should have seen people's faces! They must have come in the other entrance or were hopeful!

That indoor line seemed to go on forever, and it took at least one more hour to reach the front of that line. Then, in groups of four, we were allowed into the office, where someone checked our documents to see that everything was in order. There were eight wickets, two of which were used for passport pick-up and six for verification. Of the six, maybe three were being used. 

My back was tired by this time, but I was OK, knowing that a seat was just around the corner. I got a number and moved to the next room, which was full of people waiting. There were about sixteen wickets in this room, but at any given time, there were about eight being used. 

I paid $20 to be able to pick up my passport in two weeks. I waited over two hours in the room with chairs! It took me over 4 1/2 hours to get that errand done, and that does not include travel time!!!

Thankfully, when I pick up the passport, I can go directly to the front door and be directed inside. 

When I left at 2:30, there was NO line-up outside, but there was still a line in the mall hallway. I don't think they could even clear the room with the chairs, let alone deal with those in the hallways. That's insane!! Why not have more people at the wickets? 

And when they called one number, no one showed up! I hope they were not yakking and missed it!! People do not pay attention when the numbers are called and it took some people precious time to get to the wicket!!! 

I get it that you can mail in your passport, and next time (in ten years), I'll mail it in six months BEFORE it expires. But when I was in North Battleford (population of 19,000), my Dad and I had to go to their Service Canada office, and there were ZERO people in line! Wait -- that's not true - two people were being serviced, and we were next in line. I should have done my passport then! 

I live in a city of over 800,000, and there are TWO underutilized offices!

When I left, it was pouring rain, with lightning and thunder. I knew that from texts on my phone, and the girls and a boy were home alone!

I had barely arrived in the house when it started to pour buckets, and there was hail. The hail was bouncing off the pond's surface like a tempest at sea!

Hail on the pond's surface

Hail on the deck

I was hungry and exhausted, so I had lunch. How can one be exhausted from doing nothing? While I waited at the passport office, I read my book. It was a gloomy, damp day, and I was tired, so I curled up on the couch and had company (Lexi was on the other side as there was not enough room for her), and we had a great nap!

The girl and the boy "protecting" ME from the storm

I had zero ambition to do anything when I woke up, so I spent the rest of the day reading the book, which I finished before going to bed!

I spotted some photos on IG or Facebook of a sewing room. Here's an idea that I like. A great way to display your zippers to easily find one. I could use something like that for my zippers, which are crammed into a box. 

Excellent storage idea for zippers

Now, I get that everyone does not have a nice open space to sew, but when I saw this, I cringed. The rest of the room was gorgeous, but her sewing machine was crammed into this tiny space! And missing the view and the light of that glorious window. I would have put a foldup ironing board in the room, moved a table under the window, and shortened the workspace if I had no other choice. 

Cramped sewing space

That would be like sewing in a can. I couldn't do it! 

Well, on that note, I have a lot of stuff on my list today, and I'll get done what I can. There is much to do, and I have to prioritize, which is easy as I look at the list and the due dates! And next week is looming with my many Zoom events! 

I'm off to spin class to rev up my energy to tackle the many tasks today!!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast TexasFebruary 29, 2024 at 5:31 AM

    Oh, my goodness, what a horrible waiting for your passport! With the hail I bet your babies were so happy to have you back home! Hugs 🤗